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To Dream the Impossible Dream. Destiny Bramell Jade Schmedding Ben Burgess Patience Doll Caleb Hull James McIntire Jaclyn Smith Clayton Steward Max Blanchard Brett Hendrich Jackson Schmedding Nick Caldwell. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


To Dream the Impossible Dream

To Dream the Impossible DreamDestiny BramellJade SchmeddingBen BurgessPatience DollCaleb HullJames McIntireJaclyn SmithClayton StewardMax BlanchardBrett HendrichJackson SchmeddingNick Caldwell

My impossible dream is that my mom has enough money to buy me a boy white horse. It lives in my backyard where I can see it every day. Mr. Vaughn and Mrs. Brenda sell all their field land to me so I can ride my white horse whenever I wanted to. So I can have some time to myself and not get mad/angry at anybody. I can enjoy riding my horse. --Destiny Shilo Bramell White HorsesMy impossible dream is to have straight As in high school and college.

--Jade Schmedding

To Dream the Impossible Dream

I wish to eliminate all of the tyrant (Dragon) rulers so people can be free. --Ben Burgess

I love all the horses from the different sizes, kinds, shapes, and colors. I would like for all the horses to be healthy, well taken care of, exercised, loved. I want people to realize that horses need to be treated and respected the way that you would want to be treated. I want people to understand how gentle and amazing they can be if people would treat all of their horses kindly. My impossible dream is to grow up and become a horse trainer and a horse veterinarian.YBy Patience DollMy impossible dream is to own a Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro. -Caleb Hull

7My impossible dream is to become a NASCAR driver. This picture inspires me because Jeff Gordon is good at racing, and I would like to drive like him. -James McIntire

To dream the impossible for me would be to give all injured animals a home. I love animals and I want to give all injured animals and rejects a home. I dont want any animals to be without food water and love. I would take in any abused animals. I want to punish the people that abuse any animals. I want to show the animals the love that they have never had and let them be happy. I dont want any animals to suffer. --Jaclyn Smith

Clayton StewardMy impossible dream is for everyone to be able to express themselves.Max BlanchardMy impossible dream is that Missouri actually had perfect weather. Ive never really liked Missouris weather. Missouri has never had perfect weather so that is why this is my impossible dream.

Brett HendrichI wish I could have a never-ending supply of money. Since you need lots of money to buy items nowadays, you can never have enough money.

My dream is to be a million dollar baseball player.

--Jackson Schmedding

Nick Caldwell

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