To 80th birthday anniversary of Vladimir Pavlovich Karlikov

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  • ISSN 00978078, Water Resources, 2010, Vol. 37, No. 5, pp. 743744. Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2010.Original Russian Text Editorial Board, 2010, published in Vodnye Resursy, 2010, Vol. 37, No. 5, pp. 639640.


    On July 10, 2010, Vladimir Pavlovich Karlikov,member of the Editorial Board of Water Resourcesjournal; head of the Chair of Hydromechanics, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow StateUniversity; Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, professor, will celebrate his 80th anniversary.

    Vladimir Pavlovich Karlikov is a wellknownresearcher in hydromechanics, the author of basicstudies in the field of explosion theory, hydrodynamicsof rapid motion, experimental and applied hydromechanics.

    L.I. Sedovs disciple, a graduate of the Faculty ofMechanics and Mathematics, MSU, V.P. Karlikov wasdeputy head of the Chair of Hydromechanics since1991. Since 1999, he has headed this chair. V.P. Karlikov is the Chief Researcher in the Institute ofMechanics, MSU, in which he has also been workingsince 1960.

    He is a coauthor of a monograph on the hydrodynamics of rapid motion, two textbooks on continuummechanics, and more than 180 scientific publicationson fluid mechanics. His special course DimensionalAnalysis and Modeling has deserved popularity.V.P. Karlikov has many talented disciples of which16 are candidates and 3 doctors of science.

    For his pedagogical activity, V.P. Karlikov hasaward the honorary title of Honorary Professor ofMSU in 1999 and Lomonosov Prize for PedagogicActivity.

    In his candidate thesis, Linearized Problem ofPropagation of a Powerful Explosion in a Heterogeneous Atmosphere, V.P. Karlikov found an elegantanalytical solution, which made it possible to identifya series of important qualitative peculiarities of fluidflows, intrinsic in powerful explosions in medial with


    To 80th Birthday Anniversary of Vladimir Pavlovich Karlikov

    DOI: 10.1134/S0097807810050143

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    WATER RESOURCES Vol. 37 No. 5 2010


    laminar heterogeneity. V.P. Karlikov pioneered in thedescription of these effects.

    V.P. Karlikov proposed and implemented severaleffective approximate methods for solving nonlinearproblems of explosions in homogeneous and heterogeneous perfect compressible media. The list of hisstudies also includes several pioneer works on theinteraction between strong blast waves with electromagnetic field, including the solution of the problemof a powerful point explosion in a homogeneous magnetic field.

    V.P. Karlikov successfully combines his basicresearches with solving urgent applied problems.

    The most active period of its research activity in theapplication field is associated with solving the problemof highspeed motion of bodies in water. His important scientific achievements made him a leadingexpert in this field in our country. The results he hadobtained contributed to the development of new typesof marine machinery, for which he, along withresearchers from TsAGI, was awarded the USSR StatePrize in 1978.

    For his large scientific contribution to hydrodynamics of rapid motion, the Association of theAuthors of Scientific Discoveries awarded V.P. Karlikov a Kapitsa Silver Medal in 1995.

    V.P. Karlikov is also the author of basic researchesin the field of studying nonsteadystate cavitation. Thecontribution of V.P. Karlikov to this work was awardedby N.E. Zhukovsky Prize in 1986.

    In important scientific achievement is the detection and detailed study of V.P. Karlikov in cooperationwith O.V. Trushina in a new paradox of symmetry inthe hydrodynamics of jet streams, associated with flatjet spouting from beneath of a free surface. For thisseries of studies, V.P. Karlikov and O.V. Trushina wereawarded MSU Lomonosov Prize for ScientificResearches in 2000.

    Many researches of V.P. Karlikov are devoted to thedevelopment of new unique methods of hydrodynamic experiments, which were introduced inN.E. Zhukovsky TsAGI and other industry organizations. Vladimir Pavlovich Karlikov has more than

    30 inventors certificates and patents. He was awardeda sign USSR Inventor.

    V.P. Karlikov continues his active creative activity.In cooperation with his disciples, he has received newinteresting results. They have established practicallyimportant features of selfoscillation regime of pipeflows heavily obstructed by some bodies; a new schematic model was proposed to describe the formationmechanism of vortex funnels and determine the direction of rotation in them during fluid flowing out fromvessels of different shape; new effects were revealed inthe interaction between liquid flow in a canal and atransverse jet obstacle; for the first time, numericaland experimental analysis was carried applied to selfoscillation regimes in the penetration of coaxial waterand gas jets into a counter flow; two new mathematicalmodels were proposed to describe flow about bodieswith developed cavitation, etc.

    For his great scientific achievements in hydrodynamics, V.P. Karlikov was awarded the honorary titleof Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation in 1994 and the Order of Honor in 2002.

    The scientificsocial activity of V.P. Karlikov wasalso highly appreciated. He is a member of theNational Council of Russia on Theoretical andApplied Mechanics, Fellow of RF Academy of Natural Sciences and RF Academy of Technological Sciences, a member of Scientific Council RAS onMechanics, member of Editorial Board of Herald ofMSU journal, Deputy Chairman of DissertationCouncil in MSU and a member of Dissertation Council in WPI RAS, scientific councils of the Faculty ofMechanics and Mathematics and Scientific Councilof MSU.

    Vladimir Pavlovich Karlikov heads a leading scientific school in Russia, created by academicianL.I. Sedov.

    The Editorial Board of Water Resources journalcongratulates Vladimir Pavlovich Karlikov with hisanniversary and wishes him many happy returns of theday, best of luck in everything, and further fruitfulactivities.

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