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<ul><li>1.BRIEFING TOTM DELEGATES<br />A.RashidMohdZain<br />MATRADE Seoul<br /> Republic Of Korea<br />July 2011<br />*Note: All figures in USD<br /></li></ul> <p>2. ABOUT MATRADERoles, Functions and Services<br />July 2011<br />*Note: All figures in USD<br />3. Establishment<br />ESTABLISHMENT<br />Act of Parliament,Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation Act 1992<br />OPERATIONAL<br />Since March 1993<br />ROLE<br />The National Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)<br />4. Vision and Mission<br />VISION<br />Positioning Malaysia as aGlobally Competitive Trading Nation<br />MISSION<br />Promoting Malaysias Enterprises to the World<br />5. Organisation Structure<br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS<br />CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER <br />(CEO)<br />INTERNAL <br />AUDIT <br />UNIT <br />DEPUTY CEO<br />TRADE and SERVICES PROMOTION DIVISIONI <br />DEPUTY CEO<br />TRADE and SERVICES PROMOTION DIVISIONII <br />EXPORTERS DEVELOPMENT <br />DIVISION<br />MANAGEMENT SERVICES <br />DIVISION<br />PROCESSED FOOD, <br />BIOTECH <br />AND HALAL<br />SECTION<br />PROFESSIONAL <br />&amp; BUSINESS<br />SERVICES<br />SECTION<br />LIFESTYLE<br />SECTION<br />ELECTRICAL &amp;<br />ELECTRONIC AND<br />ICT SECTION<br />CONSTRUCTION <br />SERVICES &amp;<br />BUILDING <br />MATERIALS <br />SECTION<br />OIL &amp; GAS <br />AND CHEMICAL<br />SECTION<br />HEALTH &amp;<br />ENVIRONMENTAL<br />PRODUCTS &amp;<br />SERVICES<br />SECTION<br />TRANSPORT, <br />LOGISTIC,<br />MACHINERY &amp;<br />MRO SECTION<br />STRATEGIC PLANNING <br />DIVISION<br />6. Global Network<br />Warsaw<br />London<br />Moscow<br />Kiev<br />Frankfurt<br />The Hague<br />Toronto<br />Budapest<br />Paris<br />Tashkent<br />Beijing<br />New York<br />Milan<br />Chengdu<br />Tokyo<br />Guangzhou<br />Cairo<br />Seoul<br />Los Angeles<br />Miami<br />Osaka<br />Taipei<br />Shanghai<br />Mexico City<br />Mumbai<br />Hong Kong<br />Dubai<br />Hanoi<br />Jeddah<br />Bangkok<br />Manila<br />Ho Chi Minh City<br />Phnom Penh<br />Chennai<br />Singapore<br />Nairobi<br />Jakarta<br />Sao Paulo<br />Santiago<br />Johannesburg<br />Buenos Aires<br />Sydney<br /></p> <ul><li> 34 Trade Offices </li></ul> <p>7. 8 Marketing Offices </p>