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Title Analysis: Amelie

Title Analysis: AmelieAristide Covi

Typography The text is mixture of straight serious Art Deco an eclectic style that combines traditional craft motifs with machine age imagery and materials. The style is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. The other style of text is a sort of paint brush style which was representation of 1950s new wave French film industries which gave the audience a hint of the time frame in which this film was going to be set also it conveyed part of what the director wanted to do that was to making something completely new and cutting edge. Also the title have big difference in size between them connoting a sense of inequality this isalready injecting ideas into the heads of the audience members.

Then after 1:35 after the sequence introduces Amelie the font changes to the new 1950 style as the main writing then quickly switching back to the art deco style as the main writing this for me reinforced the idea that director was trying to reminder the audience of when it was set and what he was trying to accomplish.

ColoursA large amount of yellow is used in the first a minute in the writing this In Western countries, yellow represents joy and happiness this lets the audience know allready that this going to be quiet a funny and joyous film

The red on the other hand represents the conflict that will arrive in the film because red represent anger it show that though this is comedy and joyous film there will also be conflict and battle between characters.The colours may also be description of the main characters personality the yellow represent her playful nature and happiness were as the red could be showing that she is capable of great rage as well. Sound & Transition During the title sequence there is french music a piece called La Dispute composed by Yan Tiersan playing behind specifically an acordian which is traditionally known to be french this tell the audince where the film will be set and that this film will have solid french style to it through out. The titles are in-between the footage for the first 1:42 minutes of the opening title while a narrator divulges some information to the audience then it changes to title being part of the footage as we watch a little girl play the images change with a flash of light as if a photo was being taken the next screen would appear after with the title on the screen to the side of the main action this continues till the film main sequence begins.