tips to manage money in 20s

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Tips to Manage Money in 20s

7 Tips to Manage Money When You Are in Your 20s

Make a BudgetMake a budget that allows for savings.

This will help you save money.

Put Money in Your SavingsPut some money aside before you start spending.

You can deposit a fixed percentage in your savings account.

Employer-sponsored plans are ideal to invest certain amount of your money.

This will add up down the road.Invest Wisely

Try to spend as little as possible on recreational activities.

Look for hobbies that dont cost more money.Avoid Recreational Activities

Go for an IRA you can take out money from without any penalty.

Get a Roth IRA.Get an IRA

Get a roommate to split rent.

This will help you save some money every month.Pay Less Rent

Learn About Your FinancesImprove your financial knowledge by reading books and taking classes.

This will help you manage and improve your finances.

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