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<p> 1. TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS 2. Are you posting only about your business, service and products on social media? 3. If the answer is yes, your social media campaign is not going to help increase your brand reputation 4. Do you want to publish other types of updates to engage your followers? 5. In this presentation am sharing you some important tips to attract audience and make your social media efforts successful. 6. DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS Social media is all about relationship. Through social media posts try to establish relationship and make your social media a platform for people to talk about and with your brand, rather than just be promotional tool. 7. BOOST CREDIBILITY Posting valuable and general posts makes your posts a credible posts which may get as many retweets, likes and shares which helps you brand reach wider audience. 8. COMMENT ON NEWS AND EVENTS Publish posts on current topic which is going viral around the world. This will help you to keep your audience engaged and also make them interactive. Though its not directly helps you to build your brand, it helps you indirectly. 9. SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS It is very important that you posts frequently in regular intervals. If you dont posts in regular intervals, your audience may leave you. You can use some social media tools to schedule your posts 10. Social media marketing is not all about selling and posting about your product or services. Brands should engage with their fans and followers in order to build relationships, brand reputation and community over time. </p>