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This presentation is about the seo blogs to write in a perfect way. For more details visit


  • 1. SEO-Friendly Blogs

2. Blogs have become an important source of marketing aboutyour company. The readers who finds blogs are mostly searchengine readers so make sure that the your site is highly ranked by Google when they search for keywords related to yourbusiness. So weather you have just started blogging or use to itthen also here are few important tips on writing a blog which isvery necessary for your business. 3. Beneficial Tips on Blog1. Keep noting down ideas for writing blogs. Sit with a note book for whatever thought passes through your mind so that you can get back to those ideas.2. Include the search engine keywords in your title. This is very important. The reason behind this- Google reads the code directly. Thats why the title of the post is very necessary when we talk about SEO. 4. 3. Linking to the words from the earlierpost which is important. You will bebenefited by the external links thatGoogle and other search engines havecrawled.4. Google Insights helps a lot in choosingthe best search term. Using GoogleInsights tool shows the comparison aboutthe popularity of the search term youdesire to use. 5. 5. Use of tags in the post is a benefit.Most blogs let you give tags as they helpin organizing the blog. Both searchengines and humans can find what theyare searching for.6. Set the timing for writing a blog. Fix upspecific days and the duration for writingit. 6. 7. Proofreading is very necessary forwhatever you write. so aftercompletion of each blog this will helpin checking the grammatical errors,incorrect spelling, punctuation etc.8. Content is the king. Even if youhave a great title post you cannotignore the content. Blog should beinformative, well-versed. 7. So follow these tips and write an informative post for your blog and let your website reach the top ranking in the search engine results.Our seo company provide blog writing services at affordable rates. 8. Indian SEO CompanyY8, Block - EP, Sector VSalt Lake, Kolkata - 700091, INDIAPh: +91 33 4020 0838Fax: +91 33 4020 0856Email: info@indian-seo-company.comWeb: