tips for the new event videographer: 7 recommended amazon kindle books by adrian lee

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While researching new information to enhance my Basic Videography Course, I found some great books... ...and I want to share them with you.


  • 1. Tips for the New Event Videographer:7 Recommended Amazon Kindle Books How to Shoot like a Pro! By Adrian Lee
  • 2. While researching new information toenhance my Basic Videography Course, I found some great books... ...and I want to share them with you.
  • 3. 7 highly rated Amazon Kindle ebooks... Every book is rated 4 to 5 stars. They are all available on Amazon Kindle. Read my humble comments at the bottom.
  • 4. How to Shoot VideoThat Doesnt Suck"Its about how to think like a director,regardless of equipment (amateurs thinkabout the camera, pros think aboutcommunication)." I always tell my students the story of how my marriage solemnization video was ruined because my amateur friend used a broadcast camera. Remember, it is how you tell the story that matters, not the size of the video camera.
  • 5. How to Video YourChildrens SportingEvents"The best part about the book (imo) isthat theres a section with chaptersdedicated to each major sport. Realisticthings to take into consideration forswim meets. Best places to set-up forbasketball, etc." Ignore the part where it says "childrens sporting events". The techniques apply to all major sporting events. It is all about what to shoot before, during and after the games. Know exactly the best spots to place the video camera.
  • 6. Video Shooter:Storytelling with HDCameras"...coverage on the multi-skill setrequired of todays filmmakers (who areasked to act simultaneously as Director,Director of Photography,Cinematographer, Sound Recordists,etc.)" We Event Videographers are not camera operators. We are also the producer, the lighting person, the sound person and the video editor all rolled into one. See my presentation on
  • 7. First Cameraman:Documenting the ObamaPresidency in Real TimeArun Chaudhary had a unique perspectiveon the president of the United States."Im sort of like President Obamaswedding videographer," he explains, "ifeveryday was a wedding with the samegroom but a constantly rotating set ofhysterical guests." This was an event the whole world watched and what better way to learn Event Videography from Obamas Videographer himself. I have filmed our President on several occasions for a few hours, but never a few days like he did.
  • 8. The Shut Up and ShootDocumentary Guide"The pages are crammed with 500 full-color pictures, tips from the pros,resources, checklists and charts, makingit easy to find what you need fast. " Shooting an event is like producing a documentary. It is about real life as it happens. I enhanced my event videography skills by learning how to make an entertaining documentary. So I recommend you to read this book.
  • 9. The DSLR FilmmakersHandbook: Real-WorldProduction Techniques"Shooting HD Video with a video-enabledDSLR has many benefits and some trickydrawbacks that digital filmmakers andvideographers can overcome to getprofessional results." The DSLR camera is great for shooting high quality videos... BUT WAIT... dont run off to buy one yet... because the DSLR is not fully functional as an event video camera... at least not yet. If you insist, then read this book.
  • 10. The Filmmakers Eye"Learn how to break the rules. Everyrule was created by individuals notfollowing the rules; somebodydecided to place a camera really closeto a subject one day and gave birthto the close up. Of course, breakingthe rules intelligently only worksafter you learn them (see previoustip)!" In my Basic Videography Class, I teach the 3 basic shots and how they are used to tell a story. This book elaborates further from the perspective of a Filmmaker. If you want to produce a great event video, learn to make a great movie.
  • 11. So thats 7 ebooks I highly recommend... ...learn and shoot like a Pro.
  • 12. One More Thing...Just like anything else,practice makes perfect. Always challengeyourself to be better than yourself.
  • 13. Go Forth and Shoot! Sign up for your free 5-day Videography Course at...