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  • Tips for Great Photographs Tracey Garvey Photography

  • Any one can take a great photograph, it is not the camera that creates the photograph it is the vision and creativity of the photographer operating the camera.

  • Hold Your Camera Correctly Hold the camera steady to avoid unwanted motion or blurry photos (camera shake)Just before you snap the picture, hold your breath and gently squeeze the shutter. (If you jerk the shutter down too quickly, because of the excitement felt in taking the "shot of the century," you'll get it alright... but it will be blurred).Be sure not to cover the flash or the lens on the camera with your hand or fingers.



  • Be Aware of Your Lighting Direct Sunlight - avoid direct bright sunlight, which will create harsh shadowsShade or Cloudy Day best for portrait photography because it is a softer lightIndoor lighting - Make sure to use the flash Night Time Make sure to use the flash (Unless Youre Using a Tripod)

  • Be Aware of Your Background Be aware of any background clutter e.g. garbage cans, traffic signs, light polesUnwanted distractions e.g. cars, animals or other people in your photoLook out for trees or poles sprouting from your subjects head Watch out for stray fingers when doing portraites

  • Unedited PhotoEdited Photo

  • Get Close To Your Subject Move in close to your subject to fill your picture with the subject and to Show off the details of your subject. Eliminate background distractions.Too many things surrounding your subject will only distract the viewer's eye

  • Learn About CompositionLearn The Rule of Thirds An image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts two equally spaced horizontal & Vertical lines. The important compositional elements of your photo should be placed within these lines. Once youve learned that rule have fun and break it!

  • Learn The Settings on Your CameraRead your cameras manualLearn what each control button doesAperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, WBPractice by using your camera in manual mode (if available)

  • Try A Photo Editing ProgramLearn how to use a photo editing program Crop ImagesColour Enhancing or Correcting Artistic Effects Photo manipulation There are many free options online or you can buy a program such as Adobe Photoshop

  • Practice, Practice and PracticeTake lots of photosLearn from your mistakesShoot from different anglesShoot a variety of subjects Experiment with light Take your camera with you everywhere

  • Get Creative Try moving your camera, panning, zoom Experiment with your subjects expressionsAdd props Play with motion Play with light over and under expose your shootPhotography everything and anything

  • Thank You!

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