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TIPS FOR GREAT FACEBOOK POSTSBE NATURALYour posts should be natural, nice and interesting.Dont be too formal.Dont be boring.Facebook is a fun and relaxed environment so have fun!

BE RELEVANTYour posts should be written for immediate actionPost such content that would make people react NOWBe clear and easy to understand

IMAGES, IMAGES, IMAGESChoose good,interesting or funny images for your posts.Images are the most engaging on Facebook, more than videos and texts, because they attract readers.

MAKE YOUR POSTS SHORTPosts of 80 characters or less are the most engaging.Edit your posts so they make sense, are interesting and engaging in less words.

BE EMOTIONALThe most shared posts sway and persuadePeople love to read emotional posts and they react to itEmotional posts lead to discussion

ASK QUESTIONSAsking questions is a great way to get more commentsPeople love to express their opinions give them the chance to do soDont ask boring or difficult questionsAsk questions at the end of your post

QUOTESPeople love to read motivational and inspirational quotesPost them with pictures so they will catch readers attention

BE YOURSELFBe yourself speak as yourselfWrite in your usual tone of voiceDont copy anyone because it will look fake and funnyTalk to people directly, not as a corporation