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  • 1. Things you can do to improve your students English Mara Clement Quesada

2. Teach them sounds in English

  • Children learn the letter by its sound and not its name
  • Each sound has an action
  • These sounds are introduced in groups of letters that sound different from each other to avoid confusion, eg: s, a, t, p, i ,n

3. Next step: Blending sounds

  • The process of saying individual sounds in a word and then running them together to make a word.
  • e.g.s a t= sat
  • Vc and cvc words (vowel-consonant and vowel-consonant-vowel words)


  • Are words with irregular spellings which cannot be read by blending
  • The irregular parts have to be remembered
  • Examples of tricky words:

Next, teach them tricky words and high frequency words: Brick Words 5. Use English time

  • Set up a clock that will advise the children it is time to speak in English, encourage them to use knew vocabulary and/or sentence structures that have been previously learnt.

6. English Speaking Chart

  • a chart to monitor their tries and
  • and motivate them is always
  • useful

7. Make them talk grammar

  • Instead of making the students fill in gaps and completing drill activities, teach them a rule and ask them to use it orally in different contexts that you will set up in class, for example, play dressing up and ask them to describe what they are wearing.


  • Use physical objects that children can touch, hold and move around to make them talk:

(clothes flashcards, the children can dress up the teddy bear) 9. Teach them grammar inductively (syntactic pattern recognition)

  • This refers to the process inmachine learningof learning aformalgrammarfrom a set of observations, thus constructing a model which accounts for the characteristics of the observed objects. (Wikipedia)

10. Inductive grammar:

  • We can make our young students learn grammar without noticing by generalizing a rule in different games:

(word order) 11. Smartboard display, The Restaurant Smartboard display, The house In both displays you can see the sentence structure that must be used, its there for the children to see and complete 12. Make them love grammar!The Grammar game

  • Set bags with small flashcards which include all parts of speech the children have learnt, incluiding adjectives, nouns, verbs in different tenses


  • In groups ask them to write sentences in English that youve previously said in Spanish, the first group that writes it correctly gets a point, this is motivating and also enables immediate feedback, for the teacher must write the correct sentence on the board to give the answer to the children.

14. The grammar game