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Tips about How to Use a Compass

Tips about How to Use a CompassYou can also hold the compass square to your body by holding the sides of the baseplate between both hands (making L shapes with your thumbs) and keeping your elbows against your sides. Stand facing your objective, look straight ahead, and square yourself with the object by which you are taking your bearing. The imaginary line extending out from your body will travel through your compass along the direction of travel arrow. You can even rest your thumbs (against which the end of the compass is resting) against your stomach to steady your hold. Just be sure you aren't wearing a big steel belt buckle or some other magnetic material close to the compass when doing this.

Magnetic (as opposed to true) north is currently around northern Canada, which means that magnetic deviation changes depending on where you are in the world. Many compasses have a means by which you can adjust for magnetic declination: either on the fly (by using a declination scale inscribed on the baseplate) or semi-permanently (by adjusting the compass housing within the baseplate. Read your instruction manual for instructions geared toward your compass.

Most of compass can be use easily, such as this one Compass for measuring direction Protractor compass for measuring direction, Large font size, easy to read. Easy to Operate: Red points to north. And N stand for north, T for east, D for west and B for south. Suitable for most indoor like home maintenance and outdoor activities like camping, map reading, fishing, hiking, night fishing, night flying, hiking backpacking, skiing.

And there are also some Paracord Parachute Cord Survival Bracelet With Compass which are usually A survival bracelet with plastic buckle stylishA movable compass through the cord

Knitted up by several feet of parachute cord which can be used in an emergency or packaging

Ideal accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, and other sports activities.

As decoration wearing in daily life

Length of Bracelet: Approx. 9 6/8 inch

Material: Parachute cord and plastic

Color: Black