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A tale about the benefits of Teamwork for 6-10 year olds: You are a mighty Tuna Fish speeding through the deep blue ocean. Nothing scares you and no-one gets in your way, until... One day you are caught in an abandoned net and discover that you can only escape with the help of those around you


  • Teamwork for children


    David Machin

  • 2Imagine you are a mighty Tuna fish called Timmy.

    Your body is packed with muscle, your skin shines like

    polished silver. You are streaking through the Ocean like a

    bird through the air.

  • 3Dashing towards the surface

    you leap high above the

    waves, now you are a bird as you turn gracefully in

    the air and plunge back

    into the water with a

    huge splash.

    You are the fastest

    fish in the sea and

    you win every

    race in your


  • 4No shark can catch you and no smaller fish can escape

    you. You swim wherever you want and no-one can tell you

    what to do or where to go.

  • 5It is night time and

    the Moon hangs overhead like a silver

    jellyfish. Below, the sea is deep and dark, it is the home

    of strange, glowing creatures with large eyes and large


    But, that does not worry you. You can swim anywhere

    in the Ocean and nothing can harm you. Small fish

    flee in every direction, a large Manta Ray turns

    slowly to watch as you streak past.

  • 6Alone in the Sea. King of the Ocean. Powering

    through the water, faster, and faster, and faster,

    and CRASH! An abandoned net is hanging

    down like a massive curtain. You spin around

    and rush away from the net, BANG! You strike

    the other side.

  • 7

  • 8Your huge strength will not move the net and you are too

    big to pass through the holes.

    Trapped in your own Ocean, your powerful tail is useless

    against the strength of the net. Your incredible speed

    cannot help. Your teeth cannot cut through. There is no

    way out. The King of the Ocean caught by a simple net!

    A crowd of jellyfish bump up against the net. They are also

    trapped and look tired after days spent trying to escape.

    Trapped in this net you will slowly lose all your great

    strength and sink to the ocean bed, never to rise again.

  • 9

  • 10

    You cannot let that happen, so you start to look around to

    find a way out. On the sandy seabed below is a small reef.

    Huddled in a crack in the reef is a large crab. He looks

    like he has been trapped for many days and has given up

    all hope. His huge claws hang limply and his long feelers

    droop towards the ocean floor.

    You are not the only one

    trapped here. Perhaps if

    you all worked together

    you could break out of

    this trap.

    You call out to the

    others and tell them

    your plan. The crab crawls out

    of his hole and listens eagerly while the jellyfish huddle

    together, sparkling with new energy.

  • 11

    Once they all understand the plan, they get to work.

    The jellyfish jostle together at the edge of the net and with gleeful

    squeaks and squeals, they start to lift the net away from the

    seabed. Then Crab scuttles forward and with short snips of his

  • 12

    sharp claws, starts to cut a hole

    in the tight net.

    The hole gets bigger and

    bigger until it is large

    enough for you to power

    through and out into the

    open ocean.

  • 13

    FRee! You are free again! But without the help of your friends,

    youd have been trapped for ever.

    Turning back towards the net, you pull the hole open again to let

    Crab scuttle through and the Jellys pour through the hole and drift

    away into the deep blue sea.

  • 14

    You are still a mighty fish.

    You are still King of the Ocean.

    But now you know how strong you can be when you work

    together with others in a team.

    THe eND

  • 15

    Are you great at Teamwork like

    Timmy Tuna? Try this quiz and

    find out!

    Youre stuck on some math

    homework. What do you do?

    a) Give it up and play a game?

    b) Skip the problem and try the

    next one?c) Get someone to help you work

    it out?





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  • Life skills for kidsThis book, like all HumanBean stories, has been written with a specific purpose in mind - to introduce your child to the attitudes and behaviors which contribute to a successful and fulfilling life. These success principles have been available to adults in their work and business lives for many years. They are proven techniques for improving your life. But, until now, children have been excluded from this learning.

    This story has been written to bring these attitudes and behaviors to children, aged 5-10, through exciting and entertaining stories, where the reader is the hero.

    At HumanBean we feel that if young children can start to understand these principles and behaviors at an early age, then they are more likely to adopt them as they grow up. With strong foundations, they will make better decisions and be primed for success in an increasingly competitive world.

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  • Four life changing stories:

    Timmy Tuna (Teamwork)In this story about Teamwork, your child is a mighty tuna fish called Timmy. You are the fastest fish in the sea and you fear nothing as you speed through the ocean. Only when you are caught in an abandoned net do you realise that even the most powerful of us can achieve more when we work together in a team...

    Elli the Ant (Working hard & planning ahead)Ants are smart. As a busy little Ant, you know that the abundant food of Summer will eventually run out when the snow of Winter falls. You make sure your larder is well stocked with delicious food before you enjoy playing with friends and partying. When Winter arrives others must migrate or hibernate to survive...

    Magic Mouse (Goal Setting)This story teaches the benefits of having dreams and making them happen (setting and achieving goals). As the smallest mouse in your family, you start life with a disadvantage but soon you decide to make more of yourself. So you train hard to be a Mouse Magician and end up saving your family from disaster...

    Pip & the Big Apple (Self Development)

    As a tiny sapling lost on the forest floor you long to be big and strong and popular like Big Apple. But you discover that there is more learning and growing to do first. With the help of Big Apple, you learn how to grow your roots deep into the ground to resist the storms, how to turn your leaves to the sun and make blossom grow, and how to make your branches strong enough to carry a ton of apples...


    Reading age 5-10 yrs

  • 18

    Timmy TunaThe goal of this story is to introduce young children to some of the principles which contribute to a successful and fulfilling life. These principles are tried and tested and taught to adults by life skills Gurus around the world.

    At HumanBean we feel that if young children can start to understand these principles and behaviors at an early age, then they are more likely to adopt them as they grow up. With strong foundations, they will be better able to succeed in an increasingly challenging world.

    Key Principle: Teamwork:

    This story shows the benefit of Teamwork.

    When we work together we can usually get the job done quicker and more effectively. It can be fun but it this story, teamwork saves your life!

    Children quickly understand that things get easier when more people get involved. This helps them to actively use teamwork as a tool whenever they are faced with difficult tasks. This inevitably enables them to be more productive and to complete more tasks than they could complete on their own. In conjunction with Goal setting and Communication Skills, Teamwork