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  • 1. Time

2. Tickingaway the moments that makeUp a dull dayYou fritter and waste the hours 3. 4. In an off hand wayKicking around on a piece of groundIn your home town 5. 6. Waiting for someone or somethingTo show you the wayTired of lying in the sunshine 7. 8. Staying home to watch the rainYou are young and life is longAnd there is time to kill today 9. 10. And then one day you find tenYears have got behind you 11. 12. No one told you when to run,You missed the starting gunAnd you run and you run to catch up 13. 14. With the sun, but it's sinkingAnd racing around to come upBehind you again 15. 16. The sun is the same in theRelative way, but you're olderShorter of breath and one dayCloser to death 17. 18. Every year is getting shorter, neverSeem to find the time 19. 20. Plans that either come to naught orHalf a page of scribbled linesHanging on in quiet desperationIs the English way 21. 22. The time is gone the song is overThought I'd somethingmoretosay. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. Created by Vili www.slideshare.net/vili48 Performerofthe song : PINK FLOYD