tile and grout cleaning nightmare

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Nightmare

Tile and Grout Cleaning Nightmare

I am very particular when it comes to the cleanliness of my surroundings, more when I had my own family. I always make it a point that every part of the house is dust free and clear from molds and mildews. A little spill of whatever could actually ruin my day, more when I found out that basic daily routing of sweeping, wiping and moping the tiles and grout is not enough to ensure cleanliness of our floors and walls.

I initially thought that my traditional way of cleaning is enough to maintain a worry-free home environment and the discoloration of tiles and grout are of natural occurrence. Until I came across a health book where it discussed the risk of being unable to have and maintain really clean tiles and grout, beyond what can be swept or mopped on.

Paranoid as I am, I immediately took the time to take a look at the places in our place where tiles and grout are found. The tiles were turning brown while the grout is dark brown, worst in the kitchen and bathroom where oils, soap, and water are highly available. I started to act on it took all the brushes that I could find, from toothbrush to floor brush, poured in the bleach then with my hands and knees I went to work.

I started in the common restroom of our house since I believe that this is the priority to deal with, I spent 3 hours brushing then bleaching and brushing again. After the three long hours, my hands, back, and knees are already aching, but the tiles and grout though improved a bit, still have the dirt embedded and the discoloration.

Frustrated as I was, needed to stop what I was doing to take a rest, I also had difficulty in breathing, I guess this was attributed by the excessive bleach fumes that I inhaled for 3 hours. However, with my goal in mind, I will not give up the fight that fasts. I thought of having our tiled floors and walls ripped off then install new ones, so I went online to check how much it would cost.

Low and behold, having tiles redone would cost a fortune; something that we cannot afford at the moment specially that it is not even part of the budget. As I was scrolling, I saw the Perth Home Cleaners website and found out that there is a better option to address my concern.

Perth Home Cleaners is just one of the hundreds cleaning service companies found online. They offer various cleaning services including the tile and grout cleaning. I was really excited and contacted them immediately, implied my concern, asked for a quotation and with just a few minutes I already had a schedule for inspection of our tiles and grout.

Fast right? In addition, did I mention that the quoted price was surprisingly cheap considering the level of work I have done by myself?

Indeed hiring professional cleaners was the best and ultimate option to consider when it comes to your tiles and grout.

For more information, visit ushttp://perthhomecleaners.com.au/tile-and-grout-cleaning/

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