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  • Oakdale Elementary School Newsletter

    9801 West Center Road Omaha, NE 68124 (402) 390-6460 www.westside66.org

    Tiger Tracks

    Feb. 5 Board of Ed. Mtg. 6:30pm Feb. 8 K-2 Family Coding Night 5:30pm-7:30pm Feb. 8 Don & Millie’s Night Feb. 9 Valentine’s Day Parties 2:45

    Feb. 2, 2018

    Feb. 9 Oakdale Lancer’s Hockey Night 7:00pm Feb. 12 6th Grade Gallup Parent Night @ WMS 6:30pm Feb. 13 Planet Sub Night Feb. 15 K-2 Family Coding Night 5:30pm-7:30pm

    Traffic Corner Welcome to this month’s traffic corner, where we remind everyone about drop off and pick up procedures for the safety of our students. The actual procedures and map are located on a separate page within this newsletter. The drop off area in the morning is the curb side along the north side of the building. Please do not pull into the visitor parking lot and drop off your child in front of the main doors. Doing so blocks traffic and other people trying to enter the parking lot to park. Plus, it increases the risk of accidents in that area. Please pull all the way through the loop and drop off curb side right by the main entrance and then exit the property. Well over 100 cars pull through the pick-up lane to pick up students every afternoon. We have been very successful in getting this large amount of cars through the line in about 10 minutes. That is amazing considering the number of students who are getting rides. In order to make this flow even smoother, please consider car-pooling or walking home from school. The fewer the cars, the less traffic. The less traffic, the less likely that we will have any safety concerns at pick up time. As always, be patient and safe!

    Oakdale Expectations

    Be Safe Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Wednesday Dismissal

    Don’t forget, students will be dismissed every

    Wednesday at 3:00. Please be prompt as teachers are

    scheduled to leave the build- ing each week to participate

    in professional learning communities.

    Calendar Reminders

    Mission Statement The mission of the Westside Community School District, as an innovative educational system, is to ensure academic excellence and to serve the unique needs of all of our

    learners. Oakdale Elementary’s mission is to ensure academic excel- lence and to serve the unique

    needs of all learners.

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    Attention District Residents! We are getting ready for our newest Tigers! We are now enrolling students who reside in our Dis- trict and will be eligible to enter Kindergarten in August of 2018. If you live in District 66 and have a child who qualifies, please go to the District homepage to begin the enrollment process! For non-residents interested in having their child start Kindergarten in a Westside school, we are accepting Option Enrollment applications for 2018-19 through March 15. Details on the District website on our Option Enrollment page. The Kindergarten Parent Meeting will be on Thursday April 26 at 6:00 p.m. and Kindergarten Round-Up will be on Friday May 4 from 9:30 a.m-11:00 a.m.

  • *Please note: We will have new posts at our new building. I will meet with you before your duty to train you on your new post.

    January 29 to February 9 Morning: 8:20-8:40 a.m. Driveway 1. Payton H.

    2. Madalyn Parking Lot 1. Charlie

    2. Stella Captain/Parking Lot Carson

    O Wednesday afternoon patrol reports from 2:55-3:10 p.m. O Winter Weather conditions: Safety Patrol will be cancelled if the “feels like” temperature is 10 degrees or below. Please check the KMTV website (KMTV.com) for weather information. O If you are unable to report to your post, please contact Mrs. Kratky or Mrs. Coil as soon as possible. O Alternates should also report at the same time(s).

    After School: 3:25-3:40 p.m. Driveway 1. Alya

    2. Macy Parking Lot 1. Jack

    2. Payton N. Captain/ Parking Lot Georgia

    Oakdale Safety Patrol Schedule

    As the cold weather continues, it’s a good time to get names on all of your Tiger’s winter gear. Please remember that we do not keep coats and things on hand to lend out. If you need assistance with winter clothing, let Mrs. McPadden or the office know and we can contact the Westside Clothing Closet staff.

    Winter Weather conditions: Safety Patrol will be cancelled if the temperature or wind chill is below 10 degrees. Please check the KETV website (KETV.com) for weather information. If you are unable to report to your post, please con- tact Mrs. Kratky as soon as possible. Alternates should also report at the same time(s). Wednesday afternoon patrol reports from 2:55-3:10 p.m.

    If you have 30 minutes each school week to give to a child, consider being a TeamMates mentor. TeamMates provides support and encouragement to students through one-to- one, school-based mentoring. The impact of a TeamMates mentor in the life of a young person is remarkable, with mentees being more hopeful and engaged and seeing improvements in their attendance, behavior, and course performance. Our Oakdale mentors have raved about how the program has given THEM so much in return. If you are interested, contact Mrs. McPadden 402-408-8880.


    Fifth and Sixth Grade Band students will present a district wide musical extravaganza on Tuesday, March 20 at 7:00

    pm. Please mark your calendars and help reward your child for their hard work by making this event a priority for your entire family. Students will attend a rehearsal

    during the school day and will need to report to Westside High School at 6:30. A detailed letter about the days

    events will be emailed to band parents and sent home with band students prior to the event.

    Questions about this event or anything else band related, please e-mail carpenter.gail@westside66.net.

  • Valentine’s Day Parties Valentine’s Day events and classroom parties are right around the corner! For these events, our Safer and Healthier Foods Plan is still in effect; however, we are allowing children to bring candy to exchange and eat at home. Please use that list when choosing what to buy for your child to bring for Valentine’s Day events and parties. Oakdale’s party this year is Friday, February 9, at 2:45 p.m. The District is providing cookies and juice for all students this year, so parents can focus on fun games and activities instead of treats and snacks.

    For the month of February, the social skills that we will be focusing on are: Listening, Working with

    Others, Disagreeing, Saying You’re Sorry and Accepting “No”.

    HyVee Cash for Students

    The HyVee Cash for Students fundraiser is officially over this school year, but I am sure it will return 09/01/2018. Just by collecting HyVee receipts Oakdale raised $756.50. That surpassed our goal by $356.50! Thank you Oakdale families for such a successful fundraiser. Since, the fundraiser was such a success the Community Club extended the indoor recess prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The classrooms who turned in the most receipts at Oakdale by 01/11/2018: 1st place Carruthers, 2nd place Bintz, and 3rd place Pedersen Receipt totals for November and December: Carruthers 339, Johnson 87, Bintz 311, Pedersen 192, Bruning 49, Pontious 99, Fischer 29, Kopecky 40, Swanson 147, DiLorenzo 70, William 52, Kratky 56, Schmitz 36

    ECC Summer Sign-Up ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE: Where will your summer adventure be? Find yours with Camp Westside Early Childhood Centers. Mark your calendars now to sign your School-Age child up for an explorative and adventurous summer! Our Summer program runs May 30- August 9, 2018. Registration begins March 5, 2018. No minimum weeks required and flexible scheduling. Email weccsummer@westsideecc.org for more information and questions!

  • FREE

    Children’s Behavioral Health

    Parent Informational Session Topic: Anxiety

    Tuesday, February 20th 6:00-7:00 at Paddock Road

    3535 Paddock Road Omaha, NE 68134

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports During the in-service days in January and February, Oakdale staff have had the opportunity to broaden their strategies for supporting students struggling with traumatic experiences. Youth with complex trauma exhibit a range of academic and behavioral difficulties requiring additional intervention from the school community. Social support is one of the strongest protective factors for a child coping with traumatic events. The January, the topic, readings, and discussions focused on understanding trauma and its impact. In February, our work will address school-wide practices which support a child’s response to trauma. Westside’s Trauma Sensitive Schools professional development is being provided by the National Center for Safe, Supportive Learning Environments. Oakdale’s staff welcomes this opportunity to create learning environments that help all our students feel competent and safe.

    Several classroom teachers have weekly drawings or a store to provide incentives for students to demonstrate appropriate behavior. For additional incentive, Oakdale has school-wide monthly drawings. Our January HIGH FIVE Drawing Winner will win

    NEW Games with Mr. Jagels

    and a friend A winner will be drawn this week from both the PRIMARY and INTERMEDIATE grades. Some students j