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<ul><li> 1. TIENS PAK TIENS BLOOD PRESSURE CONTROLLER </li></ul> <p> 2. GOLD AWARD BY SINGAPORE INTL PATENT DESIGN&amp;INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY&amp;PRODUCT EXHIBITION 3. OTHER AWARDS 4. SPECIAL AWARD BY PARIS INTL INVENTION EXIHIBITION 5. SPECIAL AWARD BY PARIS INTL INVENTION EXIHIBITION 6. OTHER MEDALS 7. 94 INTL INVENTION &amp; PATENT FAIR,USA 8. PARIS INTL INVENTION FAIR 9. 22nd INTL INVENTION FAIR ,GENEVA,1994 10. 1995 PARIS INTL INVENTION FAIR 11. TIENS BLOOD PRESSURE CONTROLLER TIENS BP CONTROLLER :TRUSTED PRODUCT BY CHINESE CONSUMER FOUNDATION PATENT PRODUCT MAGIC DEVICE FROM CHINA EUROPE TIMES MR.GAO,THE INVENTOR= No.1 IN THE WORLD TO USE BIOELETRICITY TO CONTROL BLOOD PRESSURE 12. Bioelectricity is the positive &amp; negative electric charge in the body.One will be sick if they are imbalance. Imbalance with different organ causes different physical problems + transformer 220V controller Bioelectricity is the electrification of the human body. eg, electrocardio (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), electromyography 13. METAL TEETH-LIKE SPIKES BODY VIC ELECTROCIRCUIT METAL HOLDER 14. 1.Self-powered No magnetic No need to connect to power source No additional power source Make full use of the bioelectricity in the body to activate the VIC circuit to balance the imbalanced positive and negative electrical charge and feed back to the body 2.Ideal design good contact with body by 21 spikes which enables no accurate acupuncture points DIY do-it-yourself ).No side-effect 3.Instant effect effective in 3-5 minutes only; Control BP bi- directionally 4.Water proof ,shock proof VIC Circuit and case ,service-free.10 years life span.3 years free repairing ,life long repairing with cost charge for parts and labor only 15. Control BP ,good for both hypotension and hypertension Refresh mind :improve the uncomfortableness with head after prolonged usage of cell phone, computer Cease headache ,dizziness(susti) Protect hair, control hair losing alopecia relief neuropathic toothache, and arthralgia improve asthma and stomachache Beautification 16. 1 Hold in between 2 hands Good for controlling BP by adjusting the bioelectricity of the damaged cell on the artery walls to relief the convulsion of arteries by enlarge the veins 17. 22 Comb the headComb the head Good for 1 Hypertension irregular BP 2 Headache dizziness; refreshing and strengthening of brain for students 3 Alopecia Control hair losing.Help to make hair more black, silky, shinny and smooth 18. 3 Press close to heart Hypertension with angina, depressed chest, coronary heart disease. Use 3-5 minutes to relieve convulsion of coronary artery ,release the heart pressure ,and reduce blood pressure Good for : 19. 4 Place on the wrists Patient suffering from hypertension, with angina, tachycardia. The longer one use , the more result Good for: 20. 1 Neoropathic headache, hyperkinesia migraine Instruction Use Instruction 2 by combing the head with device 2 remove headache due to radiation of cell phone use, computer use, and other radio-activities and magnetism Instruction: massage on where the pain is. Electric wave to be removed in 3-5 minutes Normal brain wave Brain wave after Controller Brain wave after cell phone 21. Use this device if you have headache ,or insomnia after over-use of cell 22. 3 Secondary treatment to Phase and hyperpietic Instruction Use any of the instructions ,persist in using the device for about 1 month ,then reduce or stop drug as the same may be Warning:Keep a calm mind ,no talking.Use one of the instructions 4 Beautification Instruction Hold the spikes with 1 hand ,massage face with the back. Minimum twice a day, 5 minutes each time Good for removal of lifeless facial skin,whitening ,reducing wrinkles in 28 days 5 Spasmodical asthma Instruction place Device close to lungs 23. 6.Spasmodical cardiovascular &amp; cerebrovascular problems, depressed chest Instruction Use Instruction 3 by placing Controller close to heart 7 Convulsion of stomach ,intestines and duodenum Instruction place Controller in the related location, still or massage 8 Secondary treatment to edema on the calf Instruction Use the spike to comb calf slowly 9 Weak kidney Instruction Place 2 Controller simultaneously close to kidneys.Turn at the same time inwardly (anticlockwise )to strengthen kidneys.Turn outwardly (clockwise)to (weaken kidneys) to reduce kidney stones 10 Scrape to remove measles Instruction Use the back to scrape both sides of the spine to remove measles (take Chitosan at the same time) </p>