tiara wp2 report and wrap-up final annual meeting r. aleksan nov. 27 th, 2013

Download TIARA WP2 Report and wrap-up Final Annual Meeting R. Aleksan Nov. 27 th, 2013

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  • TIARA WP2 Report and wrap-up Final Annual Meeting R. Aleksan Nov. 27 th, 2013
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  • Define the Governance of TIARA Actual work concentrating on Statutes Management structure Advisory mechanisms & bodies Collaboration with other bodies Financial aspects Organization of CD&O Main tasks All documents are on WP2 work space February 23 rd, 2011 April 4 th, 2011 May 24 th, 2011 October 17 th, 2011 March 2 nd, 2012 June 12 th, 2012 October 31 st, 2012 Meetings + subgroup meetings Subgroup Reports Available report available February 18 th, 2013 June 7 th, 2013 October 12 nd, 2013 November 25 th, 2013 WP2 Tasks
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  • 4 deliverables WP2 Tasks
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  • Creation of a multi-field coordinated panEuropean multi-purpose Distributed Accelerator R&D Infrastructure within an Association (AISBL) TIARA WP2 Objectives WP2 is actively working toward finalizing the remaining documents, enabling to develop the framework for allowing us to get supports for developing the programmes that have been discussed during this preparatory phase b
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  • WP2 Tasks TIARA Organization TIARA Council 1 rep. per member Major issues beyond day to day management Executive Office President, Secretary, legal, industry, Communication Dissemination & Outreach, and financial officers (depending on model) day to day management Administration Secretaries, webmaster TIARA Advisory Committee ~12 ad personam scientists Financial Audit Committee Nominated by associates as needed Specific group(s) for industrial issues as needed TIARA Infrastructure & Programme Level
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  • The 4 Technical WPs are in great shape WP6: SVET Very low emittance achieved at SLS