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  • Thunder Hill Elementary SchoolKindergarten2015-2016

  • Meet the Kindergarten TeachersSusan McAleerDiane BachekBarbara MichaelianHillary HollisJan BarnesBharti UppalSam StarkDiane Green UMBC Intern

  • Daily Schedule9:15-9:25 Morning Routines/Attendance/Lunch 9:25-9:50Opening9:50-10:00 Take Ten10:00-11:00 Math11:00-11:30 Recess11:30-12:00 Lunch12:00-12:20 Quiet Time12:20-1:40 Reading Block/Language Arts/Snack 1:40-2:40 Specials2:40-3:10 Content3:10-3:40 Choice Time3:40-3:50 Prepare for Dismissal, Dismissal

  • Common Core Fast FactsState of Maryland adopted Common Core in June 2010Forty-five states and the District of Columbia adopted Common Core State StandardsStandards based statewide initiativeMastery curriculum PARCC assessments take place in grades 3-5 (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers)For more information go to

  • Reading Group Block

    *Reading Groups Reading LevelsLeveled books that coordinate with benchmark book levelBig books / Shared Reading

    * Language Arts Follow Up ActivitySeatwork is a follow-up activity to reinforce skills learned in reading group or a written response to a class read aloud.Student may be working with an paraprofessional, resource teacher, and/or parent.

    *DAILY 5Students may work independently in the following activities:READ TO SELFREAD TO A PARTNERWORD WORKLISTEN TO READINGWRITING

  • Language Arts

    Letter of the WeekStar of the WeekWords Their Way

  • MathHomeroom Classes Kindergarten Curriculum-InvestigationsHands On --use of manipulativesCommon Core State Standards

  • Mathematical PracticesMake sense of problems and persevere in solving themReason abstractly and quantitativelyConstruct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of othersModel with mathematicsUse appropriate tools strategicallyAttend to precisionLook for and make use of structureLook for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

  • Content AreasSocial StudiesHome and School Peoples of the Nation and the WorldMaps and Me Road Trip USAThe MarketScienceScientists and Engineers Earth Science (Weather)Physical Science (Pushes and Pulls) Life Science (Relationships in Ecosystems)Environmental Science (Human Impact on Environment)

    Health Mental Health Safety, First Aid, and Injury Prevention Disease Prevention and Control Nutrition and FitnessThese subjects are taught in homeroom classes. Content subject matter is also integrated into reading.


  • What is SOAR?S SafeO OrganizedA Always RespectfulR - Responsible

  • 5 Point System & ClubsStudents will begin the day with 5 points and every student should strive to stay on 5 or above. Students will record their daily total in their take-home folder (primary) and agenda books (intermediate). SOAR Celebration Clubs will occur every 2 weeks.Teams will brainstorm ideas for Clubs with students and will offer 3-4 twenty-thirty minute rotations: active activity, quiet activity, arts and crafts, movie, etc.Possible ideas include: read with a flashlight, dance party, bring in a board game, arts & crafts, drawing, etc. To attend the Clubs, students will need 80% of the total possible points for the first quarter. This percentage will go up throughout the year and parents will be informed. If youre interested in donating supplies or assisting with Clubs, please contact your childs teacher.

  • SOAR TicketsStudents will continue to earn SOAR tickets.Two students names from every grade level will be randomly pulled on Monday mornings for the SOAR School-wide Lottery. Names will be announced on the a.m. announcements.Students who are picked will have their picture taken with Ms. Bowen to be displayed on the SOAR bulletin board. Students will also pick a SOAR reward from a menu of choices.

  • Classroom SOAR Ticket RewardsWhen students have earned 10 SOAR tickets, they will be able to trade-in their tickets to their classroom teacher for something from the Coupon Bin or the Prize Bin.

  • After SchoolStudents are permitted to go home with another child only after they have provided the teacher with a note.Students will not be allowed to leave with any other parent without a note.Students who are not regular bus riders will not be allowed to ride on a bus due to insurance regulations.

  • Daily FolderThe Daily Folder will be sent home each night with class work and notices. We encourage you to look in the folder each night and also to use the folder to communicate with your childs teacher. HomeworkWe will begin a take home book program in the second quarter.We will also participate in the Pizza Hut Book-It Program which begins in October.Other homework activities which will be phased in as the year progresses: Poetry JournalHandwriting* Family Projects

  • Report CardsEvaluation CodesI - IndependentW - With AssistanceN - Not Apparent

    Effort CodesOutstanding (consistent)Satisfactory (most of the time)Needs Improvement (inconsistent)Progress Reports will come home about every5 weeks.

  • Field TripsWe are in the process of planning the following field trips:Robinsons Nature CenterBaltimore AquariumSharps FarmHoward County Public Library

    We will also plan several In House Field Trips*Aviation Museum*Firefighters*Historical Society*Dentist

  • Kindergarten PartiesWe have four parties throughout the year.FallWinterValentines DayEnd-of-the-YearRoom parents will be involved in the planning. Parent volunteers will be contacted for help at the parties Please be aware that food must be approved due to serious allergic reactions

  • Parent VolunteersParent volunteers are needed to work with children in school during the week (time depends on program) and to work on projects at home.The teachers will contact you about the volunteer programs and schedule.We will need 2 room parents per class.We will contact you about a kindergarten volunteer meeting. There will also be a school-wide parent volunteer meeting.Siblings may not be brought with parents who volunteer.

    Parent Volunteer Programs will begin at the end of October.

    Laura Davis/David Floyd will need immediate help with kindergarteners starting the week of 9/14. You can contact Mrs. Davis via email or give your name to the classroom teacher. Tues. 1:40 - 2:40McAleerWed. 1:40 - 2:40 Hollis Thurs. 1:40 - 2:40 Michaelin Fri. 1:40 - 2:40 Bachek

  • LabelingPlease label all clothing, jackets, gloves, and lunchboxes.MedicationAll students taking medication must notify the teacher and the nurse.Please document all medication and give this information to Mrs. Taneyhill.You may send in cough drops, however, they must be kept in Mrs. Taneyhhills office.

  • VacationsIf children go away during the school year, have them keep a journal about their trip that they will share with the class when they return.There is a form you will need to get from the office for an extended leave.

  • Reminders*Birthdays*Illnesses*Snack*LunchThank you!

  • Your Questions

    *Standards are based on International as well as US Curriculum Will build consistency across statesNo longer spiraling Students are expected to master curriculum *Share that the 8 practices are incorporated K-12, this is why wording is more complex the document was created for K 12. *********


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