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“Thunder Cake” Vocabulary. bolt. a flash or stroke. clap. a loud, sudden sound. cooed. talked softly and fondly. crowed. talked happily. horizon. the line where the sky and the earth seem to meet. lightning. a flash of light in the sky. penned. wrote. rumbled. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Thunder CakeVocabulary

  • a flash or stroke

  • a loud, sudden sound

  • talked softly and fondly

  • talked happily

  • the line where the sky and the earth seem to meet

  • a flash of light in the sky

  • wrote

  • made a deep, rolling sound

  • a container with a faucet used in Russia for tea

  • the rumbling sound that follows lightning

  • The grandma and little girl got eggs from the hen.They got flour, sugar, and chocolate from the dry shed.They got milk from Old Kick Cow.The grandma realized a storm was approaching.

  • They baked the thunder cake.They poured tea from the samovar.The little girl hid under the bed.They walked through Tangleweed Woods.The girl gathered tomatoes.