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Threep is a mobile application that rewards users for having shared experiences in real life. It is consumer interactive and participatory, with real time consumer relevance, adding value to your brand, building sales with incremental group size, and leveraging Micro groups for Macro results. Threep also incorporates gamification principles through its rewards program, incentivizing usage by allowing users to unlock better rewards and discounts the more they Threep.


  • 1. Three people, one button, endless possibilities

2. 2012Why go mobile?2011Mobile is growing Smartphone shipments for 2012 at 700.1 million units, up from 490.5 units in 2011 (increase by 43%) 1 Majority of U.S. mobile subscribers now on smartphones (50.4%) 2 Projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 37% for smartphone users worldwide between 2010 and 2016 3Compound Annual Growth Rate: Smartphone UsersMobile is already here Food and Restaurant top industry for early mobile tech adoption 4 43% of all mobile users use smartphones to obtain/view restaurant information 5 38% of mobile users indicate a smartphone influenced a choice to make a restaurant visit 6Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 & 6. The NPD Group Custom Survey for Dominos Pizza, June 2012 Report 3. Why go mobile?High Conversion RateKey Reasons for Visiting Restaurants after Mobile Search (Smartphone users)3of Smartphone users convert immediatelywhile more than of Smartphone users convert within the hour2 Sources: 1. 2 & 3. reviews:Threep gives people a deal at nearby restaurants! 4. What is Threep? Threep is a mobile application that rewards users for having shared experiences in real life. Promotions are based on 3 or more people demonstrating they are together at the same place and/or time (known as Threeping). The reward can be any digital content (coupon, mp3, video, etc.) but is often a retail discount. A tiered rewards program allows users to unlock better rewards and discounts the more they Threep. 5. Threep Process Users Threep a promotion by patronizing a participating retailer in a group of 3 or more and hitting the Threep button on their mobile devices at the same time. A snapshot is taken of the users time, location, and selected promotion, which is compared to the Threeps of others on the users Threep contact list to look for two or more matches. If the matches are found, a success message is sent to the users mobile. A QR code (or link to online content) is simultaneously generated and delivered to the user which is used to collect on the promotion. Promotional codes are verified by each retailer using a specialized Retailer App installed on each retailers mobile device (smartphone or iPad). 6. Retailer App The Retailer App verifies the QR codes that users present to redeem a Threep promotion. It runs on any smart device (iOS or Android) and is utilized at the POS terminal. The employee scans the users QR code using the camera on the smart device. The QR code is then displayed as verified (or rejected if no longer valid). Once a QR code is verified, it is marked as such in our database and cannot be redeemed again. Retailer is billed by Threep for number of redeemed (verified) QR codes. For Mass Threeps where QR codes are not utilized, Retailers are billed by number of users who Threep within the prescribed time window. 7. Threep Fee Structure Retail Threep fee $0.15 per redeemed Threep. Fee is applied when Retailer scans user QR code with Retailer App.Retailer App Device Retail businesses are responsible for acquiring a device to run the Retailer App. Easiest option: iPod Touch for approx. $190 ($0.66/day for 1st year) 8. Retailer Benefits 1. Increased traffic Customers who would typically visit as a single or couple are incentivized to invite at least 1 other person to join them.2. Customer loyalty As long as customers visit in a group, they can Threep the same promotion over and over. This encourages repeat visits and loyalty to your business.3. Personal data Retailer is provided with personal data (age, gender, other promotions Threeped) for each user who redeems a promotion through Retailer Dashboard.4. Minimal cost Threep fee ($0.15) designed to allow reasonable profit for each redeemed promotion even after discount.? 9. Why Threep?Smartphone Sites Influencing Restaurant Visits: % Influenced visits1Digital discountsRestaurant website Facebook Google ad/offer GrouponYelpMobile review & discovery applicationUrbanspoon Restaurant Email/Textgives people incentive to get out and dine with their friends in your restaurant!More than any other factor, of consumers report that dining with friends contributes to a fun, exciting restaurant experience3Sources: 1. The NPD Group Custom Survey for Dominos Pizza, June 2012 Report 2. 3. digital discounts with mobile as the best option next to Facebook 10. Marketing Plan 1. Partner retailers Signage in all locations offering retail promotions2. Online campaign Viral video in development Board connections to M&C Saatchi and SEO organizations Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)3. User marketing Users incentivized to introduce app to friends through rewards program4. Public Interest Articles Articles relating to use of technology in building and maintaining healthy social connections 11. Management Team Darren Conley (founder) CEO & President Hesham Salah Senior Vice President & Director, Operations COO for the Division of Clinical Informatics (DCI), an affiliate of Harvard Medical School in Boston GP and Dermatologist, with degrees and diplomas in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Philosophy (Ethics), Accounting, and Management & OperationsPete Maher Chief Financial Officer Director of Technology & Innovation at Hypermedia Group, NZ Former Executive Director of Digital at Ogilvy, NZ Former Managing Director at Terabyte Interactive Ltd, NZDr. Shane Reti Director, Innovation Read law at the Symbiosis Law School, Pune - a leading Indian law school Has formidable networks and relationships with bankers, investment bankers, and private equity professionals across North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East through Directorship of Jeopardy Christ MediationsRowan Schaaf Director, Marketing Extensive career blending strategic planning, international business development and marketing (iBDM), project management, and market research Current CEO of Group IEG in DubaiAsh Narain Director, Investment Innovative entrepreneur from the tech generation First entry into mobile tech business spaceHarvard MBA; Former CFO of Magico LLC, International Consolidated Minerals, and Hilo Hattie Marketing & Licensing Manager at Walt Disney (Asia); Senior Auditor for Levi Strauss & Virage LogicSteven Johnson Food Industry Expert Restaurant, Grocery & C-store Fresh Food Marketing & Positioning expert with Foodservice Solutions Currently spearheading our efforts to develop retail partners in the restaurant industry in the USA. 12. The Ask Asking for minimum $2mill for first round of funding Equity to be negotiated based on investor added valueFunds to be used for: 1. First hires 2 Engineers for in-house Software Development Team 2 full-time members of Retail Development Team2. Establishment of Tiriam Head Office Office to be based in Silicon Valley area3. Marketing Expenses Development of video and print materialsExit Strategy Potential Acquisition Offers from: 1. Facebook Unique social networking features Much needed mobile income streams2. Mobile income streams Competing in social marketplace with FacebookPossible IPO after: Active user base of 30 million plus reached Annual revenue in excess of $500 million 13. Three people, one button, endless possibilities Contact: Darren Conley - CEO Tiriam, Inc. 2013 Tiriam, Inc.