Three Generation Golf Academy sponsors “Family Fun” Golf Tournament

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Three Generation Golf Academy sponsors Family Fun Golf TournamentThe Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA) sponsored their second Family Fun Golf Tournament on Sunday November 27, 2011. The event was hosted at the Golf Avenue-Sansai Par 3 golf course. A clear November blue-skied morning welcomed 12 enthusiastic young golfers and their caddies (aka parents) providing the perfect backdrop for a day of fun.The Golf Avenue-Sansai golf course in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a Par 3 course with a variety of water holes, bunker play, and rolling terrain providing excitement for junior golfers of all skill levels. It is open to the public offering affordable green fees and rental trolleys for families to comfortably learn the feel of the game.The idea was to have a tournament geared towards the very young golfer with parents participating as caddies. The rules are very relaxed so the kids can just hit the ball and have fun, says TGGA Director Spike Collier. It was a family oriented event opened to both TGGA students from PTIS International School and the public for the purpose of benefiting golfers new to the game and enhancing international relationships. Enjoy the slide show!!


<ul><li> 1. Players and their parents (caddies)</li></ul> <p> 2. Pre-game warm-up 3. Pro Spike calls out the pairings andexplains the tournament rules. 4. Lets play golf! 5. Junior, Jonas, Aksel 6. Kal, James, Joseph 7. Everette, Emma, Nont 8. LaLa, Kevin, Khareena 9. Let it rip! 10. Time to tally up the scores 11. Junior Winner of Division 1 (4-8 yrs) 12. Nont Winner of Division 2 (9-12 yrs) 13. Everyone goes home a winner! 14. A Family Fun Day had by all!</p>