thirteen reasons why you shouldn’t commit suicide

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Thirteen reasons why you shouldnt commit suicide

Thirteen reasons why you shouldnt commit suicideMiguel Andrs Garca Fernndez1 bachillerato a

1 If you dont believe in yourself, why do you think that someone is going to do it for you? Even when nobody believes in you, you must be the one who does it

2 Humans are what they are used to do so, if you want to change how is your life to be excellent, just be excellent

3 IT IS Not always your fault

4 It is not always the fault of others

5 If running away was the solution for everything, Usain Bolt would be the best psychiatrist ever

6 To be alive its a chain of successful events, why break such a chain by committing suicide?

7 This is going to do absolutely nothing different The only difference will be that the next time, the victim will be another one

8 Remember that when you kill yourself, you are killing a part of every person in the world who loves you.

9 If you commit suicide, there are not winners, only losers

10 If you want to kill yourself, maybe you have taken lots of bad choices but, to commit suicide is the worst one

11 Killing is an act of desperation and I have never known a problem whose solution comes from desperation.

12 life is made up of good and bad situations, but what highlights great people, is that they were able to bear all to enjoy the good moments that came later

13 You understand the true meaning of hell, when you die and discover what you were able to do and be.

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