Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Corporate Caterer

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Find out, what are the things that you should know before hiring a corporate caterer. Post Exchange Catering is the leading name of Atlanta catering industry offering corporate catering services in Atlanta since 1993.


  • 1.Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Corporate CatererBy Steward Hudson Read the complete Article HERE:

2. When your manager has appointed you as the organizer of a corporate event, you want the entire event to go smooth without any glitches. The most important part of any event is the food; if the food is good, your events will remain in the memories of your guests for a long time before it heads to their sub consciousness.Shortlist the most suitable corporate caterers, compare and evaluate them based on a number of questions. Here are some questions you would want to ask your corporate caterer, and you must: 3. What is your signature style?Its understood that you want to hire a caterer who meets your special requirements related to food, choice of menu items, etc. Each caterer has a different specialty and running items; ask for those so you know what youre being offered. 4. I may have guests with certain allergies, how can you help?As a host, you should be rightly concerned about your guests health. Ask your caterer about special diets for people with allergies; gluten free, nuts, vegetarian, etc. Also, ask about last minute changes related to special diets and the caterers approach to handle such a situation. 5. Are there any hidden charges/taxes that apply?Its always good to ask your caterer for any hidden charges that apply on silverware, or lighting or other fringe services that you may require. This can be tricky to find out, since you need to do a bit of cross questioning. Most caterers do tell upon asking, but some dont. Be wary of the dodgy ones. 6. Are you licensed and insured?This is important because you dont want to compromise on the quality of food and hygiene. It is essential to ensure your guests get delicious food that suits their palette. Even though the food may look appetizing, you must not let that lack of health insurance and licensure be less important. 7. Do you offer a sample tasting menu?Caterers who offer a sample tasting event somewhat get an edge over those who dont. Sample tasting can help you get an idea about the quality, taste, and presentation of the food. Having sampling tasting sessions with a few caterers can give you a fair idea about the caterer you want to go ahead with. 8. What are the payment conditions and deposit money?Some caterers will require you to deposit a certain percentage of the total amount prior to the event as a security and to prepare for the event. You must ask for the terms and conditions to avoid any last minute glitches. Ask for the deposit amount that may be required to confirm the event, etc. 9. Having a catered event leaves you with much of the hassle of arranging food for large number of people. Even though it is easy, but managing the whole event flawlessly can sometimes be a daunting task. You dont want to offer substandard food that can totally steal away the value and greatness of the event and probably even lose you a valuable client. 10. The Leading Caterer Atlanta Post Exchange Catering is known as the leading caterer Atlanta offering corporate events food catering services since 1993. The delicious menu of Post Exchange Catering includes Breakfast, Lunch, Salad Bars, Sandwich Trays, Boxed Lunches, and more.The professional team of Post Exchange Catering is known as the pioneers of Atlanta catering industry having great expertise in making arrangements for corporate business meetings, Company picnics, retirement parties, and similar events. Call us today at 770 394 0200, or visit and get the finest services of corporate catering in Atlanta from the leading the best and the most trusted caterer Atlanta.