Things You Must Know Before Renting A Car

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<ul><li> 1. Things You Must Know Before Renting A Car</li></ul> <p> 2. When people look for a car to rent, many of them are interested in findingthe cheaper offer on the market. And while even cheaper cars may do thejob in many cases, I would not recommend you going for the cheapest offerwhen it comes to driving a car. It is useless to pay less if the car is in poorcondition or if the models that you can choose from are so few!One of the reasons why you shouldnt hunt for the lowest price is theconstantly developing rent a car market. There are several important carrental companies out there that are trying to get the clients attention, andso the offers are different and continually changing.At the same time, it is true that the taxes and fees that are addressed todrivers have raised lately, and thus the daily rent a car costs have grown,too. Actually, in a very short time period, the costs have increased withabout 25%. Many drivers pay also car insurance when they rent a car andthis is a frequent error that could be easily avoided, considering the factthat they already pay insurance for the car they usually drive every day towork.The increased competition is a good factor that helps keeping the pricesdown. In the same time, a broad range of creative offers have emerged onthe market. I am talking here about the possibility of renting a car by thehour, for example. This is a possibility that draws the attention of manypeople living in or visiting the U.S.A. nowadays.A very good change that has happened in the car rental industry in the pastfew years is the fact that people can now rent hybrid cars, which areenvironmentally friendly and help reduce the fuel consumptionconsiderably. 3. Whether you opt for a fuel based car or a hybrid one, it is extremelyimportant that you take the time to collect as many offers as possible andcompare the prices, in order to see what is the offer that suits the needs youhave perfectly.The decision to rent one car type or another should only be takendepending on the destination of the car rental. The car should have certaincharacteristics if you plan to go to a business meeting or to a jobconference, and totally different ones if the car is destined to help you inyour family vacation at the seaside or in the mountains. It is very importantyou tell the rent a car company representative what are your intentions forthe car rental, so that he can give you the best advice.When you intend to rent a car you should try and figure out the mileage youwill be driving the car. Some rent a car agencies will set a daily mileagelimit, while others will not do that. The car rental daily costs will depend onthis limit a lot.If you plan just to use the car to get you to the booked resort where you willsimply walk from the hotel to the beach, then you can easily estimate themileage and inform the rent a car agency about it. However, if you plan tovisit different touristic attractions in the area, it will be pretty difficult tocalculate the mileage and in such a case you should opt for unlimitedmileage. Of course, the prices you vary, being larger in this second case.If you plan to spend a couple of weeks away in a remote resort with yourfamily, make sure you have all the necessary things for the kids. I haverecently read the specialists opinion concerning kids safety in rented cars.If you do possess a car seat for the kids, bring it with you instead of rentingit. 4. Statistics say that the majority of car seats that the companies offer theirclients are old, over used and not very clean. You surely do not want yourkid to be forced to travel seated in such a car seat! Instead of paying more arented car seat, which could be worse than you have imagined, use the oneyou already own and the kid is familiar with.Another thing you should know prior to renting a car is the number ofpersons who will be driving the car. Will you be the only one or will there besome others? Again, the answer to this question is going to influence thefinal price.The final price is also going to be smaller if you consider renting the car inadvance, lets say months before the day you want to pick the car. As the carrental agencies want to have all their cars rented, they will make specialprices for people that rent cars in advance. This is not the only advantage! Ifyou book in advance, you can be sure the exact desired car will be waitingfor you at the specified date. This is not always possible when you rent a caronly two weeks before you leave.I hope that you like this report; if you live in Europe, you can discover moreinformation at the website. </p>