Things to Do When Planning a Birthday Party

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Post on 14-Jul-2015



Slide 1Things to Do When Planning aweeks before the party Make a list of all who you want to invite--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Decide on the time. For instance, afternoon parties are good for older kids. The interior dcor of the room where the party will be held must match with the theme. Keeping in mind the theme, the right menu must be chosen and unique birthday cake must be ordered. Plan what is going to happen. For instance, if you are planning a party for your wife, you would rather love your guests to be involved in some sort of activities in the evening like dancing, playing musical chair etc. If you are not making the meals all by yourself, confirm the outside catering. The day before the celebration Tidy up the room as much as you can Buy a balloon pumpThe day of the partyDecorate the room keeping in mind the theme. Balloons are always a big hit and so no matter what the theme are dont forget about pumping them and hanging them in different places of the room.Arrange ice for drinks and serve them. Also serve the food in a very courteous manner making your guests feel at home. Presented