there’s so much to be thankful for by: janalyn christensen

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There’s So Much To Be Thankful For by: Janalyn Christensen. “Some days we forget to look around us Some days we can’t see the joy that surrounds us So caught up inside ourselves We take when we should give.” ~Thankful by Josh Groban. Busy Background. Simplified Background. Close Up. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Theres So Much To Be Thankful For

Theres So Much To Be Thankful Forby: Janalyn Christensen

Busy BackgroundSimplified BackgroundSome days we forget to look around usSome days we cant see the joy that surrounds usSo caught up inside ourselvesWe take when we should give.~Thankful by Josh Groban

Close UpEven Closer (Macro)Homemade Rolls

With FlashWithout FlashFreshly Cooked TurkeyGrateful For

Horizontal vs. VerticalAn abundance of delicious food, and the appliances to cook it on.Grateful for

Into the SunAway from the sunA place where we can gather as family.Grateful for

TextBreathe on lensThe ability to read, and understand a recipe to then create a work of artGrateful for

Black and WhiteFocal black and whiteGrateful for Water, that keeps us alive and well. Farmers that provide us with food not only to eat but to use as dcor.


BeforeAfter: fill light, highlights, shadows, color temperature, and soft focus

Portrait shotThe sacrifice of the men and women who leave their families to keep our country free and safe. As well as the safe arrival home of those loved ones. Grateful for

Grateful for the pilgrims that settled the land we live in.BeforeAfter: sharpen and warmify

BeforeAfter: auto color, and glow

After: Saturation, focal black and white, soft focus