there are 4 main types of writing. 1.nonfiction 2.fiction 3.poetry 4.drama

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There are 4 main types of writing. 1.Nonfiction 2.Fiction 3.Poetry 4.Drama


There are 4 main types of writing. 1.Nonfiction 2.Fiction 3.Poetry 4.Drama The purpose of nonfiction is usually to inform or persuade the reader. The purpose of fiction is to entertain the reader. The purpose of poetry is often to express thoughts and feelings. The purpose of drama is to entertain, move, and/or inform an audience. Lets learn about more types of genres! Expository books are nonfiction books that give true facts on a variety of subjects. Dirt Bikes Flying Animals Danger! Earthquakes Newspapers Encyclopedias A biography is the true story of a real persons life from the past or present. Tiger Woods: An American Master The HomerunKings: BabeRuth and Henry Aaron Clara Barton, a Red Cross Pioneer Sacagawea Realistic fiction is made up of stories that could really happen. Characters behave like real people and animals Settings in the story are real or could be real Events in the story could happen in real life Conflicts in the story are similar to problems that happen in real life Because of Winn Dixie A Horse to Remember Owl Moon Shiloh Leonard Babysitter Club series Story is set in a particular time and place in the past Contains details that make the story more realistic. Characters talk, dress, and act like people of that time period Story involves real people and actual events that happened in history The Drinking Gourd The Whipping Boy The Prince and the Pauper Sign of the Beaver Titanic Crossing American Girl Series Folklore includes myths, fables, and fairy tales that people told one another over the years. Later the stories were written down. Begin with Once upon a time or Long ago in a far away place Characters can be animals or objects that speak The story often teaches a lesson or moral Good or smart wins over evil or stupid Stories that offer an explanation of how something in nature looks or happens. They could also explain why people act as they do. The characters may be human, or gods or goddesses. Jason and the Argonauts Clash of the Titans Persephone Hercules Fables are very short stories that teach a lesson. They have two to three main characters that usually act like people. Aesops Fables The Fox and the Grapes The Tortoise and the Hare The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Ant and the Grasshopper Fantasy and fairy tales are fiction that have elements that are not real. People, animals, or objects do things they cannot do in real life. Story takes place in a make-believe setting that does not exist in the real world Story has creatures in it that are not found in real life. Theres usually magic and a conflict between good and evil. Cinderella Snow White The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Rapunzel The Harry Potter Series Mysteries are stories that have a real setting and a problem to be solved that includes clues, suspects, and an answer to the problem. Nate the Great Cam Jansen Mystery of the Midnight Message Encyclopedia Brown Series Nancy Drew Series Science Fiction is made up of stories that blend fact and fiction with futuristic technology. C haracters are humans, extraterrestrials, or members of other species. Aliens for Breakfast A Wrinkle in Time My Best Friend is Invisible Star Wars The Time Machine Poetry is verse written to inspire thoughts and feelings in the reader. It often uses rhyme and rhythm, or it can be written in free verse. Where the Sidewalk Ends Mother Goose Chocolate Dreams: Poems Goodnight, Moon A Light in the Attic Drama is text written to be performed, such as in a play, a movie, or on TV.


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