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<ul><li> 1. Which day is the MOST BEAUTIFUL day in your life??? Today . ThePo wer of Love Celine Dion</li></ul> <p> 2. Whats the easiest thing to do in life??? A mistake. 3. Whats the greatest obstacle??? Fear. 4. The most profound tragedy in life? Abandonment. 5. The root of all evil??? Ego t i s m . 6. The most wonderful entertainment &amp; fun??? Work, of course ! 7. The greatest failure? Lack of faith. 8. The best teachers? K i ds . 9. The absolute prime need?? Contact with another human being . 10. What brings a person the greatest feeling of satisfaction? Being of help to somebody &amp; being appreciated . 11. The greatest mystery ? Death . 12. The most serious human failing ? Lack of a sense of humor . 13. The greatest Enemy??? Deceit &amp; lies . 14. The worst emotion? Anger . 15. The most wonderful gift? Forgiveness . 16. The #1 most desired necessity ? Ones own h om e. 17. The quickest way forward? Certainty . 18. The most wonderful feeling??? Inner peace . 19. The best defense? A smile. 20. The best medicine? Opt i mi s m. 21. The greatest might on earth? Faith . 22. The people whom we need most of all? Our parents . 23. Whats the most beautiful of all? L O VE . 24. Intelligence without love makes you perverse. Fairness &amp; justness without love makes you inflexible &amp; stern. Diplomacy &amp; tact without love makes you a hypocrite. Success without love turns you arrogant . Wealth without love makes you mean &amp; tightfisted . Poverty without love turns you into a radical . Beauty without love makes you capricious. Authority &amp; power without love lead to tyranny . Labor without love turns you into a slave . Naivety without love deprives you of values . Prayer &amp; worship without love turns you into a egotist . Faith without love turns you into a fanatic . Bearing your cross in life without love becomes a terrible burden. LIFE WITHOUT LOVE LOSES ITS MEANING! 25. Why not passt hism essage on to those who are so very important in your life God Bless Y o u!</p>