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THEOSOPHIC IDEALS. O Hidden Life, vibrant in every atom; O Hidden Light, shining in every creature; O Hidden Love, embracing all in Oneness; May each who feels himself as one with Thee, Know he is therefore one with every other. A JOKE ATTRIBUTED TO JOY MILLS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • THEOSOPHIC IDEALSO Hidden Life, vibrant in every atom;O Hidden Light, shining in every creature;O Hidden Love, embracing all in Oneness;May each who feels himself as one with Thee,Know he is therefore one with every other.

  • A JOKE ATTRIBUTED TO JOY MILLSA group of theosophists find themselves on a road, they follow it until they come to a fork in the road. There is a sign there. One arrow points to the right and says: Nirvana. The other arrow points to the left and says: lectures on Nirvana.One hardly needs to guess where they went: to the lectures, obviously.

  • Katha and Mundaka UpanishadsNa ayam atma pravachanena labhyo Na medhaya na bahuna shrutena

    The self is not attained through discourses, nor by cleverness, nor by much hearing

  • The Theosophic Life must be a life of service Annie BesantService is the great illuminator. The more we serve the wiser we become, for we learn wisdom not by studying but by living.To live the life of service clears the mental atmosphere of the distorting fogs of prejudice, passion, temperament.

  • The Theosophic Life must be a life of service A.B. Contd.

    Only those who serve are those who truly live.

    That theosophic ideal is one which must permeate the being of every one of us.



  • VaishNava jana to tene kahiye, je peed paraayee jaNe re

    He is a vaishnava who knows the pain of others.

  • Par dukkhe upkar kare toye, man abhiman na aaNe re

    He serves all those who are suffering, yet he does not let pride enter his mind.

  • SakaL lok maan sahune vande, nindaa na kare keni re

    He respects and praises everyone, does not say bad things about anyone.

  • Vaach-kaachch-man nischaL raakhe, dhan dhan janani teni re

    He keeps his speech, deeds, and thoughts pure;

    Blessed is his mother.

  • Sam-drushti ne trishNaa tyaagi, parastree jene maat re

    Viewing all equally, he rids himself of desires.

    He reveres every woman as though she were his mother.

  • Jihwaa thaki, asatya na bole, par-dhan nava jhaale haath re

    His tongue may get tired, but will never tell untruth.

    He does not even touch someone else's property.

  • Moh-maayaa vyaape nahin jene, draDh vairagya jena manmaa re

    Material attachments do not occupy his mind, it being deeply rooted in renunciation.

  • Raam-naam shu taaLE laagi, sakaL teerath tena tanmaa re

    Every moment he is intent on reciting the name of the Lord.

    All the holy places are ever present in his body.

  • VaNa lobhi ne kapat rahit chhe, kaam krodh nivaarya re

    He has conquered greed, deceit, lust, and anger.

  • BhaNe Narsaiyyo teno darshan karata, kuL ekoter tarya re

    Says Narasi, the sight of such a Vaishnava saves a family through seventy-one generations.

  • VaishNava jana to tene kahiye, je peed paraayee jaNe re He is a Vaishnava who knows the pain of others-------------------------------------------The true theosophist is a philanthropist not for himself but for the world he lives. - Master K.H.

  • This song defines a Vaishnava.

    In similar terms as a true Theosophist is described

    Or does it describe a Mahatma?

  • Existence of MahatmasThere are perfect beingsCall them Adepts, Mahatmas, Rishis or by whatever name.Over a period, they have reached a state of perfection.A related concept is that every human being can reach that state of perfection.

  • What is an Idealfrom idealis "existing in ideafrom idea in the Platonic sense - A Tree is the ideal that each of us holds that allows us to identify the imperfect reflections of trees all around us. meaning "perfect person or thing"

  • What is an Ideala conception of something in its perfection. a standard of perfection or excellence. a person or thing conceived as embodying such a conception or conforming to such a standard, and taken as a model to follow.

  • What is an IdealAn ultimate object or aim of endeavor, esp. one of high or noble character: He refuses to compromise any of his ideals.

    Something that exists only in the thought or imagination: To achieve the ideal is almost impossible.

  • What is an Ideal - AB An Ideal is a right or true fixed idea possessed by the man, and living that it shall influence his character. To mould the character, to inspire the heart, to illuminate the mind, that is the value of an Ideal. We must meditate on such an Ideal in order to reproduce it in ourselves. For man, as the Upanishad says, is created by thought, and what he thinks upon that he becomes. Thought shapes the character, and living makes the thought productive.

  • FREEDOM OF THOUGHTThere are two root-ideas which seem to lie at the very basis of our Society: -the idea of Intellectual Liberty - only when the intellect is left absolutely un-fettered, can man rise to his true greatness and realise his divine possibilities - all that you need for the finding of truth is a pure heart, an eager intellect, a clean life.

  • INSPIRING IDEALSThe second great idea upon which our Society is based is that the emotions of an evolved man are best guided by inspiring Ideals, rather than by any narrow creed or code of laws.

  • Ideals in TS ObjectsThree of the Ideals are enshrined in our three objects. First Object: To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour

  • Ideal embedded in First ObjectThe first object offers us the Ideal of the Brotherhood of Humanity;

    Reincarnation and Karma, are implied in the ideal of the Brotherhood of Humanity.

  • UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOODThis ideal embedded in the First Object is obligatory for joining the TSNot an emotional upsurge or being good to some peopleLove, when it is for special persons, is really based on self-interest - JK

  • UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOODThere is a profound difference between co-operation and brotherhood, the former springs from an intelligent appreciation of the mutual relations of men, the latter from a realization in feeling that the same life is dwelling in all. - AB

  • UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOODThe term Universal Brotherhood is no idle phrase. It is the only secure foundation for universal morality. If it be a dream, it is at least a noble one for mankind: and it is the aspiration of the true adept. ML 4.

  • UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOODHowsoever impractical Universal Brotherhood may appear to be, it is the only ideal worth pursuing and all members of the Society must work towards this ideal. Teachings on Discipleship


    So shalt thou be in full accord with all that lives; bear love to men as though they were thy brother-pupils, disciples of one Teacher, the sons of one sweet mother. - HPB, VOS, Third Fragment

  • Ideal Embedded in the 2nd ObjectThe second object of the Society unfolds the Ideal of Tolerance.

    Second Object: To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science

  • TOLERANCEBy tolerance is not meant that arrogant attitude which says : "You may think as you may like," all the while despising the thought of the other man.Right kind of tolerance which grows out of a recognition of the value of another man's faith and belief, and study of the various messages of the Divine to the world as shown in the world's religions.

  • TOLERANCEA tolerance which grows from the study of comparative religions, by which we learn their unity as well as their diversities, and by which we learn to respect the Self in every man, and see him as finding his own way to truth, with which none has any right to interfere.

  • Ideal Embedded in the Third ObjectIdeal of Knowledge, and the search for it is embodied in the third object of our Society. Third Object: To Investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the power latent in man.

  • Ideal Of KnowledgePursuit of this Ideal involves the study of the super-physical as well as the physical side of nature, which includes the study of the latent powers in man and the hidden side of nature, as well as that which ordinary modern science has discovered.

  • Ideal Of KnowledgeWe spend a comparatively short life in the physical world and a comparatively long life in the other worlds, on the other side of death; and to know nothing of them to understand nothing of them, is as though a man who was going to travel in a far country refused all information of the geography of the country, of the manners and customs of the people of the country, of the laws that rule them, of the climate, of all that the man wants to know when he has prepared himself for travel in that far-off land.

  • 5 Theosophic IdealsIdeal of Living for the World Ideal of Perfect BeingsIdeal of Universal BrotherhoodIdeal of ToleranceIdeal of Knowledge

  • Connected IdealsToleranceLiving for theWorldUniversal BrotherhoodPerfect BeingsKnowledge