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The fast and easy way to deliver video and TV content to your customers on Windows 8 and 8.12FeaturesFeatures for End-Users and Developers3Features: End UserHub (main screen)On Demand (VOD) galleryFavoritesOverlaysOverlays for episodic content (new in v1.2)Explore movieExplore cast and crew member (modifications in v1.2)Explore episodic content (new in v1.2)SearchVideo playerVideo player for episodic content (new in v1.2)Navigation BarLocalized UI

4Features: DeveloperComponentized & Tiered ArchitectureAbstracted back-ends Fake backend with a local SQLite databaseMVVM designModular architectureCode qualityNo FXCOP errorsOne type per file. Directory matches namespaceAll strings are localizedTestingDebugging settingsDynamic switch of backends at runtime (new in v1.2)Dynamic switch of themes at runtime (new in v1.2)Automated unit testsUser stories & manual scenario testsDocumentationDeveloper and styling guide Several pre-defined looks5ScreensRepresentative screens and interactions in the app6The Hub7

Horizontally-extensible hub with content sections (Spotlight, On Demand, etc.)The Hub: On Demand Section8

The Hub: Favorites Section9

The Hub: Overlay10

The Overlay provides fast access to content informationOn Demand Gallery11

On Demand Gallery: 34,000 Assets12

Two-second load of 35,000 assets in VOD galleryOn Demand Gallery: Categories & Sort13

Dynamic category filters and sort ordersOn Demand Gallery: Overlay14

Play, Favorite and Explore are directly accessible from within the OverlayExplore15

Horizontally-extensible Explore screen with immersive content informationExplore: Cast & Crew and Images Sections16

Explore: Images Viewer17

Explore Cast & Crew Member18

Immersive, horizontally-extensible Explore screen for cast & crew membersExplore Cast & Crew Member: Filmography19

Favorites Gallery20

Horizontally-extensible Favorites gallery with different sections Favorites Gallery: Remove from Favorites21


Integrated SearchSearch: Results23

23Video Player24

Multi-featured video player with support for high-def video, ads, closed captions, etc.Video Player: Playback Controls25

Video Player: Closed Captions Support26

Video Player: Closed Captions Support (2)27

Navigation Bar28

Fast navigationDebug Settings: In App29

In-app Debug screen.Styling: The Hub30

Easy and powerful styling and theming

Ability to switch themes dynamicallyStyling: On Demand Gallery31

Styling: Explore32

Styling: Explore Cast & Crew Member33

Dynamic Backends (Debug Settings)34

Ability to switch backends dynamically, without restartDynamic Backends (PopTech Backend)35

Interprone LLCSan Jose, CA, USA