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  1. 1. Derek M Theaker Assignment 4: Sponsorship Proposal Major League Baseball and Sony Corporation Executive Summary With this new partnership between Major League Baseball and Sony Corporation, fans will be extensively shown Sony products from the moment they step into one of the 30 MLB stadiums, until the second they walk out of the stadium. Not only will fans get to see the great technology Sony has to offer while at the stadium they will be wanting to bring that same great technology home with them. Sony will be on display in all 30 ballparks as well as through televised game broadcasts throughout the season to millions of baseball fans. Sony technology will be easily accessible for fans to view and interact with during baseball games. During broadcasts, viewers at home will know that the games are being shot with Sony 4K cameras. Viewers and visitors will also see the Sony billboards and advertisements throughout the 30 ballparks. The fans will be able to shop for Sony products while at the stadium. Sony will see increases in sales of their 4K Ultra HD televisions and the Sony PlayStation 4 systems, along with the accessories and games that go along with the Sony PS4s. This partnership between the MLB and Sony will showcase both the great game of baseball and the technological power that Sony has to offer. Introduction Major League Baseball is known around the world as Americas pastime. The MLB is a collection of 30 great teams from around the United States and Canada. We hold winter
  2. 2. meetings in December to discuss rules and allow teams to introduce players from trades they have made. We start spring training in March and begin our season in April. Opening Day and Opening week are exciting times for baseball fans. It marks the start of the new season and the beginning of spring in North America. Our teams play a 162 game season that lasts until the end of September. About mid-way through the season we have the All- Star break and All-Star game, hosted at a different stadium every year. The winner of the All-Star game, American League or National League, is awarded home field advantage for the World Series. We start our playoffs in October with the Division Series, then the League Championship, and finally the World Series, (or Fall Classic). Marketing Opportunities Major League Baseball can give Sony a large audience to showcase its technology to for over eight months out of every year. Our fans start watching with spring training and continue to watch until the end of the World Series. This is a lot of exposure of Sony technologies to dedicated fans for a great amount of time each and every year. The technology Sony creates is perfect for the sports fan, and especially the many fans of the MLB. With the great visuals that Sony 4K cameras and televisions produce, fans can see far greater detail of the game they love. Having the Sony 4K technology in all 30 stadiums around the league will guarantee that Sony technology is seen by over 70 million fans a year. With this technology being new for Sony and new to the fans, this is a great way for Sony to ensure that millions and millions of consumers are seeing their products. Now included into that, a Sony PlayStation 4 system with Project Morpheus virtual reality allowing fans to step into the batters box on MLB The Show, and now fans are immersed
  3. 3. in their favorite sport all on Sony technology. Sony consumers like to be awash in what they see, hear, and feel. Allowing them to feel what it is like to be batting against major league pitchers will be a great experience for the fan. They will come away knowing that Sony is on the forefront of technology. They will want that experience more and more. The consumer will also have a taste of what their favorite sport looks like in stunning Sony 4K and be ready to bring that experience home with them, so that even if they cannot make it to the stadium to see their favorite team, they can get the same experience at home on their Sony 4K television, knowing that the game is being broadcasted with Sony 4K cameras. Sponsorship Activation The first part of this venture would be the installation of Sony 4K televisions in luxury suites in all of the stadiums. This would allow the fan to see how great the game of baseball looks on Sony 4K technology. After seeing it at the game, the consumer would want to recreate this in their own home so that they could experience the greatness that is
  4. 4. Sony 4K at any time. The second part would be the installation and use of Sony 4K cameras throughout every stadium in the MLB. This would allow every game to be broadcast in Sony 4K. Fans will see at the stadium how great 4K cameras make the game look on Sony 4K televisions and again the fan will want to recreate this at their own home.
  5. 5. The third part would be to set up a Sony PlayStation 4 booth at every stadium with the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, playing MLB The Show. The fans will now be able to see the PlayStation 4 in action along with two other Sony products, Project Morpheus and MLB The Show. After having the experience of batting in an actual MLB game, the fan will want to be able to do this any time they want at home.
  6. 6. Pitch Sony will become the official 4K television of Major League Baseball. All 30 stadiums will have a Sony billboard installed and Sony will be featured during all highlights, instant replays, etc. Sony will install 4K televisions in all 30 stadiums, because of the number of stadiums and the number of television sets required the MLB will split the cost of the televisions with Sony. Sony 4K cameras will be used to broadcast every MLB game throughout spring training, the regular season, and the post-season. The Sony and/or 4K logo will be displayed during all game broadcasts, much like the MLB logo is displayed during a game broadcast. All 30 stadiums will be outfitted with a Sony
  7. 7. PlayStation 4 system, including the Project Morpheus headset and MLB The Show. Sony can also put a small Sony Store in stadiums of their choosing to allow the sale of official Sony products to fans at the stadiums. Stadiums that do not have the capacity for an actual store can be outfitted with vending machines that will feature Sony products for the fan to purchase. The Sony brand will be featured throughout all 30 stadiums for the 70 plus million fans to see annually. Outcomes and Measurements With the successful integration of Sony products into MLB stadiums, Sony can expect to see a spike in the sales of Sony technology and products. The MLB will also be rewarded with heightened viewership, both at home and at the stadiums throughout the MLB. Sony should see an increase in the sales of its 4K Ultra HD television sets as well as increases in the Sony PlayStation 4 system and its peripherals. The Sony Corporation can expect an extreme amount of exposure from the MLB fans that visit stadiums every season, as well as those at home viewing the broadcasted games. Sony will also be able measure successes through sales at the Sony stores and vending machines located throughout the 30 ballparks. Sony can also do surveys during games to find out what kind of impact they are having with fans and also see what else the fans would like to see from Sony and Major League Baseball.