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The story the White More by Ion Creanga is an epical wock of fiction, a folk fairytale. The subject is rather easy, typical to motifs, in Romanian folk which the

fairytales, with heroes and folksupernatural is combined with the real world of the authors countryside characters from

The Green King asks his brother, the Prince, to send his

bravest son of his three tofollow him on his throne, because he had only girls. In order to test him , the Prince

dresses in a bear skin andscares away his two older sons. But the youngest one manages to pass the test and gets the blessing to leave towards the kingdom of the Green King

Advised by the Saint Sunday, that he had helped, the young Prince chooses his horse, weapons and clothes, that his father had as a

groom and leaves after receiving his fathers advice , among which tostay away from the Red Man and the Smooth Faced Man. Despite that, he is fooled by the Smooth faced man, who by a trick, turns him into a slave. Under death threat , the Princes son, swears he will tell no one who he really is, keeping the secret until he would die and arise from the dead. The Smooth Faced Man gives him the name the White Moor,

which he serves faithfully, respecting his oath.

Arriving at the palace of The Green King, the Smooth Faced passes as his nephew and out of an unmeasured sense of pride, makes The White

Moor surpass dangerous tests, in the hope that he will get rid of him: tobring salads from the bears garden; the skin of a fabulous deer, beaten with precious stones, to bring the Red Kings daughter, in order to marry her. Helped by the Saint Sunday, by ants, and bees and advised permanently by his horse , the White Moor manages to pass all the tests. His five fabulous friends: The Eye, the Thirsty, the Frosty, the Hungry and The Long one help him to defeat all the shackles in order to bring the daughter of the Red King to the Green kingdom.

Here they are welcomed with all honors, but the girl of the Red King refuses The Smooth Faced Man and unveils to all the ones present that the White Moor is the true nephew of the Green King. Discovered , the Smooth Faced Man cuts the White Moors head, but the girl surrounds him with the three spikes of

the apple tree, sprinkles him with Holy water and brings him backto life. Then the charmed horse grabs the Smooth Faced man and throws him into the sky, from where he falls on the ground and dies.

The Green King officiates Rumarriage of The White Moor and The Red Kings daughter, and all his friends were invited at their wedding , the ones that helped him in his adventures to pass all the tests and it was great joy. Even the poor those drank and ate. The joy went on for many years, and it is still on nowadays, and who go there, drink and eat, and who dont watch and crave!