the way forward for bpo organizations rural bpo. introduction  the government of tamil nadu is...

Download The Way forward for BPO Organizations RURAL BPO. Introduction  The Government of Tamil Nadu is planning to bring out a Rural BPO Policy in order to promote

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  • The Way forward for BPO Organizations RURAL BPO
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  • Introduction The Government of Tamil Nadu is planning to bring out a Rural BPO Policy in order to promote BPO companies to setup their operations in rural parts of Tamil Nadu. This is part of the Government Initiative to take the BPO Industry to the rural Tamil Nadu. It is imperative to understand that in several parts of the world and in India the presence of Industrial Units in close proximity with academic institutions has led to growth in the Industry and the local Economy.
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  • Objective Rural BPO Promote Tamil Nadu as a favored IT / ITES Destination Employment Generation Create an eco system in rural Tamil Nadu Reduce Cost of BPO Operations Moving to Tier II and Tier III locations for Inclusive Growth
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  • Tamil Nadu A Destination Knowledge Pool Availability Infrastructure Social and Living Environment Business Environment Excellent State Government Support Low Cost of Operations The growth of ITES in rural areas will lead to an all around eco system growth which will favor the local economical growth.
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  • Role of ICTACT The Govt. of Tamil Nadu and the Industry bodies like NASSCOM, through ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) will play an active role to help the BPO Companies to setup their facilities in the Rural Areas. Industry Academia Governme nt
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  • Inviting BPO Companies Be part of a revolution Setting up of Rural BPOs is no longer being perceived as just corporate social responsibility. These are viable businesses. These BPOs can provide both voice and non-voice processes like data entry, email responses, document checks, data, bill processing, customer support etc.
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  • Reduce the operations cost through employing low cost manpower available in the rural areas Ensure Lower employee attrition levels Expand to newer avenues of Business 80% of Incremental growth shall come from untapped markets NASSCOM 2020 Inviting BPO Companies Be part of a revolution
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  • The Advantages The advantages to open units in small towns are critical, as the business margins are growing thinner. Cost benefit, - Lower Manpower recruitment cost, training costs, overheads etc. Availability of right manpower at appropriate costs. Enables to expand to newer avenues of business and build new business models. Own the process and ensure the quality
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  • ICTACT will enable you to participate in the REVOLUTION The Proposition
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  • The Value Proposition To setup a Rural BPO Unit, ICTACT will help BPO Companies in : Identifying appropriate Space in a right Institution Electricity Internet Connectivity Local Support Support in Recruitment Support in training the local resources Capital / Training Subsidy from Govt. Support in training Support in Recruitment Identification of Right Insitution Local Govt. Support Liasioning with College and Govt Continues Coordination
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  • The Value Proposition What you need to Do ? Create the IT Infrastructure required at the provided space Create initial set of Resources Start your business
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  • LET US BE A PART OF THE REVOLUTION Corporate Interested in participating shall contact Mr.B.Anbuthambi DGM Corporate & Government Initiatives, ICTACT 044 4290 6800


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