the vodacom partnership for a connected nigeria

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The vodacom partnership for a connected nigeria


  • 1. The Vodacom Partnership for a Connected Nigeria Mickey Mashale (Ms) Managing Executive Public Enterprises

2. Five major tech. trends are reshaping Enterprise customers business models Consumerisation of IT Increasingly more and more Enterprises either have a BYOD policy or plan to do so within 18 monthsSecurity and Control With BYOD and proliferation of smartphones and tablets more and more CIO are concerned about security of enterprise information on these mobile devices.Fixed-Mobile Convergence Global UC market expected to grow by 12% p.a. with Business VoIP/ UC Services subsegment growing at 19% to 2015Everything Connected Global M2M revenues growing at 17% CAGR (2012-21) Global Internet of Things value of up to $3.5 trillion by 2016Hosting & Cloud Shifting profits from hardware, integration and operations to software and Cloud, with rapid growth:)SOURCE: McKinsey CIO survey , IDC, Gartner, William Blair analyst report, Jan 2012, Global Insights WMI, Machina Research 3. Whats Shaping Nigeria & Why Do We see it as A PartnershipA connected NIGERIAGovernment alone could not achieve the 5year planCitizens alone could not achieve the 5year planPrivate Sector alone could not achieve the 5year plan3 4. What would be Governments Objectives 5. Global Standard Government efficiency Broadband can improve the efficiency, cost and reach of public sector services in areas of high government interest, such as health, education and government services. Economic Enabler Broadband is an enabler of e-business and new market opportunities, allowing firms, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) to realise growth through productivity increases stemming from improved information exchange, value chain transformation, and process efficiency (OECD, 2003) Knowledge Creation Improving the skills and education of individuals through the use of broadband services Universal Access Widespread and affordable broadband access can contribute to productivity, economic growth and social inclusion. 5 6. What Would Business As A Partner Looking To & For 7. The Business Value Chain Government to create an enabling environment Government to deliver on its obligations Feasibility Journey Appropriate Models Best Practise Adapt to Nigerias requirements & needs7 8. What Would the Citizen be Looking For 9. As a Nigerian Citizen, Ill be looking for Easier access to Government Services Easy access to Information Lower cost of Communication9 10. Vodacom As A Partner Whats Our Claim Our Case Studies Across Different Verticals 11. eGovernment 12. Not A Wheel of Fortune but REALITYEducationPoliceHealthIECSocial SecurityTransport Smart City12 13. Education 14. Our Partnership with the Education Community Our Objective Enabling Improved quality of Education and Training through smart deployment of ICT solutions Using Broadband Network for Administration and Curriculum delivery Enabling Teachers and Students/Learners to meet the challenge of the Information Age and Bridging the Digital DivideICT General Challenges IN EducationWhat have we doneEducation Video ICT integration into the learning and teaching process and Impacts of ICT on access, cost effectiveness and a robust quality delivery of Education Participation of the Departments of Education and all teachers, learners, departments in the Information Society government/ private sector schools main employees receive a desktop or laptop as tool of trade, not teachers, WHY???? Globalisation of curriculum, for national curriculum and local languages. Some off the solutions we have developed and deployed over and above connectivity to address the teacher, the learner and the administrator Learning Management Systems (LMS)/ Learning Content Management System (LCMS), School Management, Analytics & Reporting, Curriculum Content aligned to NCS & CAPS or Tertiary Institution, Course Delivery Management, Education Portal Management, Learner & Teacher Personal Workspaces, Video & Online Collaborative tools - Social Media for Learning, Identity & access management and digital rights, Repositories/ Databases Asset Management, Incident Management, Office in the Cloud14 15. Multiple Architectures15 16. Mpumalanga DOE Case Study VSAT HubEMIS hosted in Data CentreVodacom Connectivity NetworkwwwRoll out in Three Phases +1800 sites42 Tech - MpumulangaObjective Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) Delivery of School Management System to all schools in Mpumalanga Aids School Management and Educators Expands the Value Add delivery of Information to Educators and LearnersPhase 1: 609 Secondary and Sub structures Phase 2: +600 Remaining Secondary Schools Phase 3: + 600 Primary schoolsSolution Enables Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System (LURITS), as well housing Educator records Future phases will include VoIP and IP Multicasting overlay services Connectivity to Learners through the Broadband Connected EnvironmentVSATPCAdministration, School Management, TeachersExpanded Site View 17. Distance Learning UFS Case Study VSAT Hub Data Centre VirtualizationVodacom Connectivity Network UFS BFN Objective DOE and UFS Internet Broadcast Project Uplifts Maths, Science and English standards Allows teacher development and improves learner achievement Multicast of teaching and learning sessions live to +60-250 rural schoolsSolution UFS Live Multicast Site linked via Microwave to core and VB-sat Managed Hosting Services and Internet in the cloud Perimeter Firewall solution to block harmful content Included White Board Installations in Schoolswww+60 Various Underprivileged and Rural Schools.VSATPCExpanded Site ViewTeachers and Learners 18. Distance Learning Content Partners VSAT HubObjective Curriculum Content Delivery of Curriculum in multimedia format Using and enhancing technologies Aids Learners and Educators Grade R-12 NCS & CAPS CompliantData Centre VirtualizationVarious Centres/ Schools/CampusesVodacom Connectivity Network ITBC Lab CTSolution Hosted Moodle Platform Vodacom In the Cloud Services Pre-Loaded content servers, with updates via the cloud VB-Sat Satellite Connectivity paired with local access to content and Live push or pull in the cloud Examinations Optional Live Multicast or IPTV support.wwwVSATContent ServerEducators/ LearnersExpanded Site View 19. E-Learning19 20. Health 21. Our Partnership with the Health Community Our ObjectiveTo ensure enablement of health services using ICT. Data Accuracy & Integrity & Loss (quantity vs. quality) Reporting Delay (1-2 Months) Labour Intensive Repetitive procedure at various levelsGeneral ICT Challenges in Health Patient Confidentiality Only paper based data no Intelligent Reporting One way flow of data + data silos Distance to get NompiloWhat have we doneMedicine Logistical Management Workforce ManagementNompilo Video :21 22. As simple as Everyday Broadband Use22 23. With an Enabled Network, Service Can Be Anywhere DEED Citizen / ClientMedical Device / ApplicationsMobile DeviceNetworkeHealth PlatformHealth Care Service ProviderIntelligent AdaptersHL7 Internet or Secure ConnectivityXMLCBA CADefine ServiceBIntegrate & DeployCMarketing & SalesDClient PayEService Charge to Platform 23 24. Social Security 25. Our Partnership with Government for Social Security Our ObjectiveEnabling government efficiency through real time monitoring of interventions and processes Fragmented Information Sources departments working as SilosGeneral ICT Challenges Service Delivery Quality of Services (Consistency) Security Predictable Opex & Capex Compliance, Monitoring & EvaluationWhat Have We DoneWOP Web based Application to monitor the government intervention of War on Poverty CDW Web based Application to enable Social Worker and Inspectors easy access to the back office application as they perform day-to-day functions on the field SASSA, Grant/ Beneficiary Management enabling platform for beneficiaries to access their information and updates on their profiles from the palm of their hand Food Security web based platform to enable government to monitor feeding schemes across government schools, soup kitchens and places of safetyA day in the Life of a Social Worker and A day in the Life of an Inspector25 26. SMART 27. SMART..X Our ObjectiveGeneral ChallengesTo Partner our customers to be more cost effective, efficient, provide real time data regardless of where their assets are. City/ Regional Utilities working in Silos Transport, Electricity, Water BroadbandNo Single view of the Citizen Incorrect citizen usage data .What have we developed & DeployedSmart Grid Smart Water Management Traffic Management Systems Connected Homes27 28. Remote Monitoring & Control is an all-rounder Medical ScienceSafety & MonitoringmHealthConsumersSecure provision of software updates: no field staff necessaryVideo transmission and remote security personnelMonitoring patients from home: lower costs, fewer consultationsProviding relevant content and optimising servicesIndustryConstruction machinesVending MachinesHigher capacity of appliances and more performance with Remote MonitoringReducing service costs through intelligent analysis and monitoringChecking inventory and replenishing in order to optimise salesTelematicsReal EstateEnergy30% less trucking thanks to remote maintenance and repairReducing energy usage by up to 40% through Monitoring & ControlProviding new services by means of Smart Grid application 29. Leveraging Broadband to Turn Cities, Regions, Provinces & Countries to SMART Connected, Chip Based, Remotely & Pro-Actively Managed29 30. SMART Connected, Chip Based, Remotely & Pro-Actively Managed Communications is not just part of the black box, modem or meter. Managing large volumes of SIM cards in the field can be demanding. How are communications costs contained and managed? How is the communications infrastructure supported? Can the hardware be upgraded to support future needs? It doesnt have to be the Utilitys probelm Quality of service Theft of SIMs resulting in financial and information loss.30 31. The Future Smart Grid for Nigeria31 32. The Future Smart Home32 33. What Lies Behind What the Citizen Experience 34. In Our LifeTime!!!!!! The Boring Stuff, but I must talk about Capability behind What enables the Citizen or Business.34 35. Our Core Capability Network Architecture Systems Architecture Service Architecture Security Architecture Application Architecture Assurance Operations Strategy PMO35 36. OSS/BSS Envisaged Architecture Business Support Systems PricingCRMBillingSelf ServiceOrder ManagementOSS/BSS (API) & Integration Resource Inventory ManagementService AssuranceOSS Access APIs enabling BSS ReadinessStandard OSS Service ActivationCustomer InformationNetwork ActivationService InformationIntegrated GBN NetworkInventory Order Management 37. POTENTIAL ARCHITECTURE (High Level) Layer 3 Services Internet Gbps access to wwwVoice Gateway & SBC deployment to aggregate traffic Leverage Vodacom infrastructure to terminate traffic One-Net 38. ARCHITECTURE (Detailed) 39. Not A Wheel of Fortune but REALITYEducationPoliceHealthIECSocial SecurityTransport Smart City40 40. It Can Be The End OR I can Go on For Another Hr Thank You Mickey Mashale (Ms)