the use of peripheral machines in flour mills of today

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Whilst there can be no disputing the fact that the rollermills and the sifters are the main, key machines within a flour mill, there are a host of other machines scattered around the mill, wheat cleaning, bulk storage and packing areas that have significant roles to play in maintaining or enhancing operational efficiency on a site and it is these machines I intend to look at in this article.


  • 1. Digital Re-print - May | June 2010 Feature title: The use of peripheral machines in flour mills of todayGrain & Feed Milling Technology is published six times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. Copyright 2010 Perendale Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1466-3872 NEXT PAGE

2. Peripheral machines FeatureFeature Peripheral machines Images courtesy of Satake Europe : http://www.satake-group.comcondition of wheat to first break to such an 1950s when The use ofextent as to allow the mill operative to sethis mill up properly and optimize extraction mills often had two roller floors. Images courtesy of Satake Europe : http://www.satake-group.comperipheralrates. The fact thatCalibration is required regularly andif a roll was setrecords of as found conditions should be to grind tookept to identify seasonal trends. For examplehard then flakes machinesif the local vegetable processing factory uses were producedhigh levels of water in the season then youwhichwerewill need to make adjustments to allow for scalped off andthat.lost down theAs we move on into the mill I would classcoarse reduc-in flour mills of todaythe scales as peripheral machines, since theytion side ofdo not change the nature of the product as the mill wasit passes through. apparenttoScales do however play an enormously most millersimportant part in the running of the milland engineerssince all our information about mill efficiency, and hence theby Jonathan Bradshawextraction rates, throughput rates etc comes flake disrupterfrom the scales, more often than not these was introduced Bran Finisherdays linked to a central processor that givesso that harda continuous read out of the scale readingsgrinds could beand the calculations which we would other- achieved and any flakes could be very pungent and unique Whilst there can be noI dont class the intake separator as a a separator and a colour sorter is all that is wise do long hand at the end of each shift.broken down before they reached the scalp- odour. So unique is thedisputing the fact thatperipheral machine but I do class the magnetrequired to provide a clean wheat stream toIt goes really without saying that propering covers. Similar maintenance tasks should smell that many operatives do not recognizethe rollermills and thein the silo as being peripheral to the process. first break. calibration is required on all scales and theirbe carried out periodically on disruptorsit and it goes unattended to. It pays to trainsifters are the main, key machines Magnets, wherever they may be, in theHowever, colour sorters come under my proximity to blowing lies should be checkedand blades should be kept sharp by running all staff correctly to recognize this odour andwithin a flour mill, there are a hostintake house, the wheat cleaning plant, scat- heading of peripheral devices and they dofor any adverse effects on scale operations. an angle grinder over them to maintain the also in the accepted practices for dealingof other machines scattered around tered around the mill or in the bulk flourrequire regular servicing, bulb changes andThe use of flake disruptors on the headleading edge.with insects.the mill, wheat cleaning, bulk storage silo should have the material they collectnozzle checks. The compressor which sup- reductions, detachers on the lower reduc-I also class sieve cleaners, throughs tray Pheromone traps can help identify insectsand packing areas that have signifi- examined regularly and for me that means at plies air to these machines is definitely on mytions and other similar devices, either posi-cleaners and other devices on purifiers andon the wing and also give warning that acant roles to play in maintaining or least once every eight hours unless there is alist of peripheral machines and needs good tioned in the basement, on the top floor in sifters as peripheral devices and I believe fumigation should be performed. Pheromoneenhancing operational efficiency large quantity of product passing over them servicing if it is to work efficiently.or mounted directly in the pneumatic lift allthat regular inspection of these and replace-traps should be logged and should not beon a site and it is these machines I in which case twice a shift would be moreWe have a great dependence on clean have an impact on extraction and ash.ment of worn ones will give you a handsome placed anywhere where they are likely tointend to look at in this article. acceptable. dry air for many functions in our mills andKeeping rotors in good order is of para- return for very little dislodged or fall off into the process. Looking at what has been collected on a I see many mills where the compressor is mount importance and I believe it pays to If you are not careful you could causeLet us start at the beginning in the wheat magnet can often give warning of a disaster stretched to its limit due to the air supply change pins once a year ideally just prior toRecognizing odours yourself more of a problem than yousilos where we see an intake separator, oftenabout to happen elsewhere. If a large quan- having ever increasing demands placed upon harvest. The number of rollermills in a millRegular strip down of sifters will reveal bargained for. tity of sifter bolts starts it as additional machines are added. has now drastically reduced since the mid- the tell tale signs of bug urine which has a Several sifter sections are prone to to appear then further In my strongly advocated daily walk round examination is required the mill I recommend turning on the com-It pays to know your at the sifter since one or more is clearly about to pressed air supply when the mill is not run- ning. It is much easier to hear air leaks and fall apart. track them down when plant is stopped and mill and screenroom butNew items you would be surprised just how many traps and water separators jam open, costing youappearing we must not forget the money when it is unnecessary.In the wheat clean- The principle of colour sorting is to useing house the principalthe diffused light to make the wheat grains ancillary machines, they machine are all familiarto us but there are some disappear into the background which then allows impurities to be much more easilyall have a role to play new items appearingidentified. If bulbs are not maintained thenwhich need our attention.the wheat remains visible and the colourColour sorters are sorter will reject it. A good maintenancecommon place now and contract will pay dividends literally.often can be seen replac-much maligned and rarely maintained since it ing cylinders and disc separators in the older, The importance of calibrationis such a simple piece of equipment whichmore established mills. In the new mills they Damping systems are important andrarely breaks down or goes wrong.are now the accepted norm and often justwhen operating accurately can improve the24 | may - June 2010 Grain &feed millinG technoloGy Grain &feed millinG technoloGy PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGEmay - June 2010 | 25 3. Images courtesy of Satake Europe : Peripheral machines FeatureM lling 2010/11Internationalwill struggle all day trying to set a goodsionally with very few, if any operatives at grind.all. Such highly efficient items of equipmentDirectory Screw conveyors collecting flourobviously require a sizeable investment and being used to mix in additives should have the additives feeders posi- tioned as far away from the discharge and a large volume is needed to justify the expense. Well worth it however in the larger mills around the world.19th PRINT EDITION - OUT NOW! point as possible in order to attain a In these larger mills it is quite common Industry Terminology good mix. to pellet the bran produced and in mills Products & Services section > including thousands of products and services from across the industry Intake Separator SATAKE GFIDAdditive feeders should be equipped where there is a low demand for bran it A-Z of milling suppliers > Over 25% of our information has been updated since last years edition, as well as over with level alarms so that flour cannot be is common to place the bran in the wheat150 new companies that have joined the IMD. produced without the correct additives. Itsilos as they are emptied and then trans- International Organisations > We have added more organisation data, that will help any company operatingsweating if not exhausted properly andvaries from country to country as to wheth-ship the bran back to the origin of the within the global industrycareful attention should be paid to estab-er the miller or the baker adds the bakery wheat on the next available grain vessel. Commodities data > Completely updated section, produced in association with IGC (International Grains Council)lish which sections are prone to this improvers but it is becoming the norm Occasionally larger mills will have their Equipment guides section > now including:since when sweating or condensation doesfor the miller to do it, hence it is vitally own feed mill and will use the bran as - NEW! Elevator buckets guideoccur the sifter cannot perform prop- important for there to be good indicationpart of the diet for local livestock. In such - Extruder & Expander guide > additional charts added!erly and flour covers will simply blind overof low levels in all the feeders. In the casecases they may bring in mixed cargoes of- Hammermills guide > additional charts added!gradually.of mills who


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