the u.s. and world war one, 1914-1918

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HIST 202 - HESEN. The U.S. and World War One, 1914-1918. Causes of World War I. Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism Remember MAIN!. Alliance Systems. Triple Alliance/Central Powers Germany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire Italyuntil 1915. Triple Entente/Allied Powers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The U.S. and WWI, 1914-1918

The U.S. and World War One, 1914-1918HIST 202 - HESENCauses of World War IMilitarismAlliancesImperialismNationalism

Remember MAIN!

Alliance SystemsTriple Alliance/Central PowersGermanyAustria-HungaryOttoman EmpireItalyuntil 1915Triple Entente/Allied PowersGreat BritainFranceRussiaItalyin 1917Balkan Powder KegProblems in SerbiaAustria-Hungary governsOne of the smallest European countries

Black HandGavrilo PrincipJune 28, 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

American NeutralityU.S. traded with all Allied countries1915 British blockade GermanyEffects:U.S. cant trade with GermanyGerman enters famineGermany blames Great Britain and U.S.

Submarine WarfareResponse from Germany Eliminate the blockadeTargeted merchant and military vesselsLusitania May 7, 1915128 Americans diedSussex March 1916Sussex Pledge sink with warnings only

Economic Links with AlliesTied chiefly to Great Britain and FranceU.S. makes war supplies sends to Allied PowersBlame blockade for not trading with Germany1914-1917 trade with Great Britain and France quadrupled

RemindersRiis back on TuesdayCheck website totally updated with study guide, notes, and MatsudaMatsuda due on October 25th hard copy (if at all possible....please....)Also review session that nightExam #2 October 30thPublic OpinionAmericans favored Britain and FranceGermany bully of EuropeReinforced with Lusitania

Loans J.P. Morgan

Ethnic InfluencesSecond generation immigrants in U.S.Make-up 30% of populationSympathizersGermans homelandIrish hates BritishRussians great protectors

The War DebateEastern Republicans wanted WAR!!! T.R.U.S. wasnt ready1915 National Security League met to discuss options1916 Congress passed National Defense ActIncreased regular Army to 175,000Build upwards of 50 war ships

Opposition to the WarMostly from the Midwest and WestScared that U.S. would get involvedProgressivesPopulistsSocialistsPacifists

RemindersRiis due by midnight

WWI finishLost Battalion continue

Begin Matsuda assignment online

March 26th Exam #2 guides out (Foreign Diplomacy to 1920s)NO CLASS WEDNESDAY!!

HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!!!Going to WarMajor U.S. causes:Unrestricted submarine warfareZimmerman TelegramRussian Revolution

Declaration of War April 2, 1917

U.S. MobilizationCommittee on Public Information Food AdministrationFuel AdministrationNational War Labor BoardWar Industries Board

Public Opinion and Civil LibertiesEspionage and Sedition ActsProhibited disloyal speechApplied to all Allied PowersImprisonment 2,000Schenck v. U.S. - 1919

Armed ForcesSelective Service Act June 19172.8 million men put into lotteryMade up half of the fighting forceAfrican-Americans400,000 served in segregated unitsW.E.B. DuBois

Effects on American SocietyMORE JOBS!!Men leave --- factory jobs taken by womenMen leave cities migrants move North from South

Fighting the WarU.S. NavyConvoy systemOffered protection for European-bound ships900,000 tons of shippingAmerican Expeditionary Force (AEF)Gen. John J. Pershing

Fighting Over ThereConditionsTrench warfareTrench footChemical warfareShell shock

Affected Allied and Central Powers ***

World War I EndsWar ends November 11, 1918Hailed as a major Allied victory116,000 U.S. troops killed5 million Russians dead