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The Urban Retreat of MinneapolisBy Latoya Jacobs

When you think of Minneapolis, MN, the first things that come to mind are the blistering cold temperatures and the lush forestry. But, after you have had an opportunity to visit this lovely city, you will soon discover that Minneapolis has so much more to offer. Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota, has a very diverse culture and provides some of the best entertainment in the country, through numerous professional sporting events, live music and theater, modern museums, sprawling verdant parks, and much more. Minneapolis is guaranteed to be a city to keep you on-the-go and keep all of your senses pleasantly satisfied.Minneapolis, Minnesota is the home to a variety of professional sports organizations. This city possesses a line-up that any type of sports enthusiast would greatly appreciate. If you are a basketball fan, it would be in your best interest to catch the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves or the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx pound the court at the Target Center. But, if basketball is not your forte, you have the opportunity to grab a seat the the TFC Bank Stadium and watch the NFL's Minnesota Vikings take to the field or head on over to Target Field and root for the Minnesota Twins to hit that winning homerun. Therefore, with all that action going on, there is never a dull moment in Minneapolis when it comes to enjoying your time in the world of sports.And if you're not a sports seeker, this city still has got you covered. Minneapolis provides great entertainment through live theater and live music. It has been proven that Minneapolis holds the third largest live theater market in the country, next to New York City and Chicago. In addition to the theater world, Minneapolis is also known to delight its vistors and citizens with contemporary art, which is housed downtown at The Walker Center. Once you have enjoyed your time in the downtown area, you can jog through the city park and observe the impeccable landscaping. One attraction that you do not want to miss is the Minnehaha Falls, which is located on the 193-acre park. This crystal clear waterfall is definitely a beautiful sight.So, the next time you are planning your vacation, regardless of the season, you should certainly place Minneapolis, MN at the top of your list. Whether you decide to bring the entire family or just enjoy a weekend getaway with a few friends, Minneapolis provides an array of activities that are sure to keep you coming back for more.


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