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<ul><li><p>INTRODUCTION</p><p>THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASOPROFESSIONAL AND PUBLIC PROGRAMSEXTENDED UNIVERSITY</p><p>ADVANCED PLACEMENT SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR TEACHERS</p><p>2018</p><p> College Board, Advanced Placement Program, AP Vertical Teams, Pre-AP, and the acorn logo are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission. For more Information, go to</p><p>The University of Texas at El Paso Professional and Public Programs, a unit of Extended University, in cooperation with College Board, invites both new and experienced teachers to our 2018 Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI).</p><p>The APSI trains teachers to foster a focused learning environment in various subject areas, according to the latest trends and learning strategies that help to promote the skill set necessary for students to be competitive and excel academically. Our consultants have extensive experience at translating and communicating the Advanced Placement Program or AP curriculum and pedagogy of their subjects, and they do so with insight, commitment, and energy.</p><p>We welcome your request for more information. Please contact Sylvia Monsisvais at (915) 747-7578 or by email at</p><p>IMPORTANT REGISTRATION NOTICE Please complete the registration form, located at, and send it with your payment. If sending check, use the address on the form. If using a Purchase Order (PO) or Travel Request (TR), please fax to 915-747-5538 or email to </p><p>SCHOLARSHIPSFor information on AP Scholarships, visit</p><p>TEA REIMBURSEMENTThe Texas Education Agency (TEA) will fund teacher training reimbursements of up to $450 per teacher who completes a 30-hour Pre-AP/AP TEA-approved training or an official IB teacher training workshop between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018. The exact amount of the teacher training reimbursement will be determined after the payment of the 2018 AP and IB exam fees. </p><p>Please visit for updates related to the AP/IB Incentive program. </p><p>For more information about the Texas AP/IB Incentive Program, please contact program coordinator, Lauren Dwiggins, at (512) 463-8864.</p><p>REGISTRATIONS CANNOT BE DONE ONLINE.</p><p>ADVANCED PLACEMENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASOContact: Email concerns to Sylvia Monsisvais at Download Registration Form at: ppp.utep.eduPhone: (915) 747-5142 Mail / Onsite: P3, 101 W. Robinson, Memorial Gym Suite 111, El Paso, Texas 79968</p><p>Session II:July 16 19, 2018AP Art History 18SAPI2001Consultant Michelle PaukenNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Calculus AB 18SAPI2002Consultant James HowellNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Computer Science A 18SAPI2003Consultant Robert Travis BurtonLab Course Fee: $600</p><p>AP English Language &amp; Composition 18SAPI2004Consultant Phyllis WrightNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Environmental Science 18SAPI2005Consultant Antonio VillarealLab Course Fee: $600</p><p>AP French Language &amp; Composition 18SAPI2006Consultant Tammy NettlesNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Macroeconomics 18SAPI2007Consultant Richard TrinknerNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Spanish Literature &amp; Culture 18SAPI2008Consultant Sandy Santos GutierrezNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Statistics 18SAPI2009Consultant Wesley WhiteNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP U.S. History 18SAPI2010Consultant Christine Bond CustredNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>Session I:June 18 21, 2018AP Biology 18SAPI1001Consultant Carol LeiblLab Course Fee: $600</p><p>AP Calculus BC 18SAPI1002Consultant John QuintrellNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP English Literature &amp; Composition - 18SAPI1003Consultant Judith NevilNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP European History 18SAPI1004 Consultant Donald BaeszlerNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Human Geography 18SAPI1005Consultant David PalmerNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Microeconomics 18SAPI1006Consultant Richard TrinknerNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Music Theory 18SAPI1007Consultant Charles LeinbergerNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Physics 1 - 18SAPI1008Consultant Marc ReifLab Course Fee: $600</p><p>AP Spanish Language &amp; Culture - 18SAPI1009Consultant Sandy Santos GutierrezNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP Studio Art - 18SAPI1010Consultant Carol Jane HarlowNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP U.S. Government &amp; Politics - Redesign 18SAPI1011Consultant Lorraine DumererNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p><p>AP World History 18SAPI1012Consultant Krista BoivieNon-Lab Course Fee: $535</p></li><li><p>ATTENDANCEParticipants must attend the ENTIRE Institute in order to earn a certificate. If you miss a portion of the Institute we are required to notify your District Coordinator who may refuse to reimburse you of your tuition.</p><p>REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICYParticipants unable to attend the conference have three options: 1. Send a substitute to APSI. There is a $35 processing fee for this option (see Substitution Fee Policy).2. Request a $300 refund provided the cancellation is received 20 business days or more prior to the Institutes start date.3. Request a $130 refund provided the cancellation is received 15-19 business days prior to the Institutes start date.All requests must be sent in writing (emails accepted). There will be no refunds for cancellations processed less than 14 business days prior to the Institutes start date. Classes are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment; these will be fully refundable.</p><p>MAIL ADDRESSThe University of Texas at El PasoProfessional &amp; Public ProgramsATTN: Sylvia Monsisvais101 W. RobinsonMemorial Gym, Suite 111El Paso, Texas 79968-0602</p><p>EMAIL ADDRESSEmail:</p><p>HOUSINGParticipants requiring housing can contact the Hilton Garden Inn next to UTEP or UTEPs Miner Village/Student Housing. To make reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn call (915) 351-2121 or toll free at 1-877-STAY-HGI and use code APSI1 or APSI2 based on the session attending. Please contact Jewell Palmer-Rosales at (915) 747-5903 or to inquire about Miner Village dormitory accommodations. APSI Tuition does not include Housing. </p><p>PARKINGPermits will be emailed prior to the start of the Institute, and need to be prominently displayed on dashboard to avoid ticketing. UTEP-P3 is not responsible for payment of any tickets issued outside of permitted spaces.</p><p>SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONSIf you have a disability and require special accommodations/parking, please contact Sylvia Monsisvais at least 3 weeks prior to the start date of your course at</p><p>DATES AND LOCATIONSSession I (4 days): June 18 June 21, 2018 Monday: 8a.m. 5p.m. (lunch included) Tuesday - Thursday: 8a.m. - 4:30p.m. (lunch included)Payment must be received by June 15, 2018Session II (4 days): July 16 July 19, 2018 Monday: 8a.m. 5p.m. (lunch included) Tuesday - Thursday: 8a.m. 4:30p.m. (lunch included)Payment must be received by July 13, 2018All courses will be held at the UTEP campus.</p><p>TUITION(REGISTRATION DEADLINE: MAY 7, 2018)Tuition for each non-lab APSI Session is $535, Sessions requiring labs are $600. Courses include curriculum materials and lunch onsite. Space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Tuition may be paid by check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, or a purchase order (PO). If using a PO for payment, please submit a copy with the complete registration form. POs will not be accepted after June 1, 2018. </p><p>All courses are Pre-Paid Courses. Payment in full is required to reserve your spot in a course or materials/books/certificate will not be issued.</p><p>LATE REGISTRATION FEE POLICYEnrollments received after the registration deadline of May 7, 2018 will be assessed an additional $100 rush processing fee.</p><p>CONFIRMATIONYou will receive a confirmation email at the address you provide within 10 working days of the receipt of your registration. Please provide home address, cell phone number and home e-mail address on registration form in order to receive confirmation of course location, changes in schedule, or other updates after the school year is complete.</p><p>TRANSFER FEE POLICYTransfers from the same school/school district will be assessed a $120 processing fee for each transfer. All requests must be written (emails accepted) and submitted by school and/or school district. Transfers will not be accepted within 10 business days of class start date.</p><p>SUBSTITUTION FEE POLICYSubstitutions from the same school/school district will be assessed a $35 processing fee for each substitute. Substitute must enroll in same class as the original person they are replacing. All requests must be written (emails accepted) and submitted by school and/or school district. Substitutions will not be accepted within 10 business days of class start date.</p><p>IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGISTER TODAY! Download Registration Form at: Phone: (915) 747-5142 Contact: Email concerns to Sylvia Monsisvais at</p><p>Mail completed registration form with PO, check, money order, or credit card information to: UTEP Professional &amp; Public Programs. 101 W. Robinson, Memorial Gym, Suite 111 El Paso, TX 79968 Make checks payable to UTEP-P3.</p><p>All classes are Pre-Paid Courses. Registration must accompany form of payment. Purchase Orders will not be accepted after June 1, 2018.</p><p>Fax completed registration form with PO or credit card information to: (915) 747-5538.</p><p>Visit the office of Professional &amp; Public Programs located in Memorial Gym, Suite 111, UTEP Campus. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.</p><p>MAIL:</p><p>FAX:</p><p>IN PERSON:</p><p>Registrant InformationParticipant Name: Home Address:</p><p>City: State: Zip:</p><p>Day Phone: Fax: Evening Phone: Cell:</p><p>Personal E-mail: (Please provide an email address that you check frequently as information may be sent after the school year ends)</p><p>School InformationSchool Name:</p><p>School Address:</p><p>City: State: Zip:</p><p>School AP Coordinator:</p><p>School AP Coordinator Phone &amp; E-mail:</p><p>District Name: District Coordinator:</p><p>District Coordinator Phone &amp; E-mail: (Please provide an email address that will be checked frequently as information may be sent after the school year ends)</p><p>Course InformationCode: Start Date: Fee:</p><p>Course Name:</p><p>Code: Start Date: Fee:</p><p>Course Name:</p><p>Special Accommodations:</p><p>Registration (On or before May 7, 2018) Late Registration (After May 7, 2018 = $100 Late Fee is included) </p><p> Non-Lab Course Fee: $535 Lab Course Fee: : $600 Non-Lab Course Fee: $635 Lab Course Fee: $700 Payment Total: Payment Total:</p><p>Method of Payment (POs will not be accepted after June 1, 2018)Check/Money Order in the amount of $ Make payable to UTEP-P3.</p><p>Credit Card authorization in the amount of $ _____________ Visa Mastercard Discover Card American Express</p><p>Account Number: Expiration Date: _____ /_____ (You are required to call our office at 915-747-5142to authorize transaction.)</p><p>Card holders Name:</p><p>Authorization Signature: Date:</p><p>Purchase Order number: (Please attach copy of PO. We cannot process registration without it.)</p><p>With few exceptions, you are entitled, on your request, to be informed about the information the University of Texas at El Paso collects about you. Under Sections 552.021 and 555.023 of the Texas Government Code, you are entitled to receive and review the information. Under the Section 559.004 of the Texas Government Code, you are entitled to have the University of Texas at El Paso correct information about you that is held by us and that is incorrect, in accordance with the procedures set forth in the University of Texas at El Paso System Business Procedures Memorandum 32. The information that the University of Texas at El Paso collects will be retained and maintained as required by Texas records retention laws (Section 441.180 et seq. of the Texas Government Code) and rules. Different types of information are kept for different periods of time. </p><p>Fax/Email your form and call (915) 747-5142, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or AMEX.</p><p>REGISTER BY PHONE:REGISTRATIONS CANNOT BE DONE ONLINE.</p></li><li><p>AP BiologyGain insight on topics relating to the AP curriculum framework, exam, recommended labs, content updates, course syllabus, inquiry labs, free response questions and materials for the course.</p><p>AP Calculus BCDiscuss the Big Ideas of Calculus, with emphasis on the MPACs (Mathematical Practices for AP* Calculus), and on how to reach struggling students. Topics range from symbolic, numeric, graphic, and descriptive points of view. Review past AP exams and how they are graded. Emphasis on understanding, rather than computation, and technology use will be highlighted, including the use of Desmos, TI Graphing Calculators, Geometers Sketchpad, and Khan Academy. Please bring a mobile device, a graphing calculator, and ideas to share.</p><p>AP English Literature &amp; CompositionUsing contemporary and classic texts, participants will explore a variety of instructional strategies for reading and analyzing poetry and prose passages. Examine the course and syllabi design, the AP exam, works of literary merit, novel openings, and effective writing strategies. Explore literary theories and archetypes as an approach to reading literature, develop a thematic unit, and participate in engaging activities. Compare various genres, literary themes, and author techniques with an emphasis on ways to help students effectively incorporate such strategies in their approach to interpreting and evaluating literature. Focus will be less about what to teach and more about how to teach students to read, analyze, and write effectively, confidently, and independently. Laptops are required for electronic curriculum.</p><p>AP European HistoryGain an overview of the curriculum framework to help understand the exam, course planning and pacing, instructional design, and course audit-development. Focus will be on: a new Short Response Section, a Revised DBQ writing model and Rubric, and a recently re-configured Long Essay Model and Rubric and the stimulus driven Multiple Choice Questions. Learn the skills students need to maximize scoring opportunities on the essay portions of the new exam and...</p></li></ul>


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