THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CAMPUS UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CAMPUS ... Study of Southern Culture) 96 Barr Hall (Research and Sponsored ... Campus Map Legend

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<ul><li><p>1</p><p>Lyceum</p><p>120</p><p>Vaught-HemingwayStadium</p><p>14</p><p>13</p><p>12</p><p>5</p><p>193</p><p>4</p><p>3</p><p>2</p><p>18</p><p>31</p><p>33</p><p>32</p><p>29</p><p>17</p><p>16</p><p>TheCircle</p><p>36</p><p>3435</p><p>109108</p><p>107</p><p>110</p><p>129112</p><p>116</p><p>132</p><p>133</p><p>Chamber of Commerce/VisitorCenter</p><p>118</p><p>117</p><p>40</p><p>41</p><p>115114113</p><p>38</p><p>119</p><p>37</p><p>111</p><p>130</p><p>127128</p><p>131</p><p>106 105104</p><p>15</p><p>50</p><p>51</p><p>752</p><p>9</p><p>43</p><p>47</p><p>53</p><p>57</p><p>Practice Field</p><p>LowerPractice Field Upper</p><p>Practice Field</p><p>48</p><p>44</p><p>123</p><p>122</p><p>121</p><p>192OxfordUniversityStadium</p><p>10</p><p>54</p><p>55</p><p>59</p><p>6085</p><p>26</p><p>84</p><p>83</p><p>27</p><p>98</p><p>99</p><p>100</p><p>101</p><p>103</p><p>102</p><p>97</p><p>95</p><p>93</p><p>92</p><p>96</p><p>9491</p><p>90</p><p>2520</p><p>28</p><p>192122</p><p>24</p><p>23</p><p>62</p><p>198</p><p>195</p><p>64</p><p>61</p><p>194</p><p>67</p><p>63</p><p>68</p><p>79</p><p>86</p><p>87</p><p>89</p><p>82</p><p>81</p><p>80</p><p>88</p><p>69 74</p><p>71</p><p>78</p><p>76</p><p>72</p><p>7770</p><p>66</p><p>197</p><p>196</p><p>190</p><p>188</p><p>169168</p><p>167</p><p>166 165 164 </p><p>ConfederateCemetery</p><p>199</p><p>Uni</p><p>vers</p><p>ity A</p><p>venu</p><p>e</p><p>University Place</p><p>Taylor Road</p><p>Northgate Square</p><p>Rebel Drive</p><p>Cro</p><p>ss S</p><p>treet</p><p>Gau</p><p>ltney</p><p>-Lot</p><p>t Pla</p><p>za</p><p>All-</p><p>Am</p><p>eric</p><p>an D</p><p>rive</p><p>Reb</p><p>el D</p><p>rive</p><p>Dor</p><p>mito</p><p>ry R</p><p>ow W</p><p>est</p><p>Frat</p><p>erni</p><p>ty R</p><p>ow</p><p>Mag</p><p>nolia</p><p> Driv</p><p>e</p><p>Chapel Lane</p><p>Man</p><p>ning</p><p> Way</p><p>Hathorn R</p><p>oad</p><p>Coliseum Drive</p><p>One Way</p><p>Pool</p><p>e D</p><p>rive</p><p>Rebel Drive</p><p>North Lane</p><p>University Circle </p><p>Grov</p><p>e Lo</p><p>op </p><p>Sorority Row </p><p> Northgate Drive Stud</p><p>ent U</p><p>nion</p><p> Driv</p><p>e </p><p>Dormitory Row North </p><p>Jackson Ave./Mississippi Bus. 6 </p><p>West R</p><p>oad </p><p>Coliseum</p><p> Drive </p><p>Stude</p><p>nt Unio</p><p>n Drive</p><p> Women</p><p>s Terra</p><p>ce E</p><p>ast </p><p>Hill Drive </p><p>Hill Drive Womens Ter</p><p>race West </p><p>To DowntownOxford</p><p>To Batesvilleand I-55</p><p>N</p><p>E</p><p>S</p><p>W</p><p>Scale </p><p>0 500 Ft 1000 Ft</p><p>To Hwy 6and I-55</p><p>201202</p><p>203</p><p>Jean</p><p>ette</p><p> Phi</p><p>llips D</p><p>riv</p><p>e </p><p>204</p><p>206</p><p>30</p><p>205</p><p>Gertrude Ford Boulevard </p><p>45</p><p>212 213</p><p>Soccer Field</p><p>200</p><p>555</p><p>134</p><p>136</p><p>135</p><p>58Tad SmithColiseum</p><p>39</p><p>125</p><p>Alumni Drive</p><p>Jack</p><p>son </p><p>Ave.</p><p>/Miss</p><p>issip</p><p>pi B</p><p>us. 6</p><p>138137</p><p>187</p><p>75</p><p>85</p><p>Hickory Lane</p><p>East Stadium Drive</p><p>139</p><p>140</p><p>Old Taylor R</p><p>oad</p><p>42</p><p>Faulkner Woo</p><p>ds Place</p><p>216</p><p> Lib</p><p>rary</p><p> Lan</p><p>e</p><p>South 5th Street</p><p>Tyle</p><p>r Ave</p><p>nue</p><p>Van </p><p>Bur</p><p>en A</p><p>venu</p><p>e</p><p>Presidential Debate Way</p><p>134</p><p>11</p><p>65</p><p>Confed</p><p>erate D</p><p>rive</p><p>217</p><p>218</p><p>220</p><p>219</p><p>All-</p><p>Am</p><p>eric</p><p>an D</p><p>rive</p><p>West Road</p><p>8</p><p>Depot Street</p><p>6</p><p>Hill Drive</p><p>SoftballField189</p><p>Insight Park Ave.</p><p>210</p><p>191</p><p>OxfordMall</p><p>Jackson AvenueCenter</p><p>211</p><p>One Way</p><p>One W</p><p>ay</p><p>One Way</p><p>One Way</p><p>Hathorn Road</p><p>208</p><p>207</p><p>209</p><p>215</p><p>214210</p><p>214</p><p>A B C D E G H</p><p>A B C D E F G H</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>7</p><p>8</p><p>9</p><p>10</p><p>11</p><p>12</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>4</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>7</p><p>8</p><p>9</p><p>10</p><p>11</p><p>12</p><p>F</p><p>To Hwy 6and I-55</p><p>To Ole MissGolf Club</p><p>Silver Pond</p><p>Indoor Practice Facility</p><p>TheGrove</p><p>Ford Center126</p><p>NuttAuditorium</p><p>124</p><p>Fulton Chapel</p><p>T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F M I S S I S S I P P I C A M P U S</p><p>Information Booth</p><p>Shuttle Pickup Location</p><p>Commencement Location</p><p>Restrooms (in Building)</p><p>Parking ZonesADA Parking</p><p>No Parking after 1:00 p.m.</p><p>Open</p><p>Reserved</p><p>Road closed</p></li><li><p>23 Acc elerator (Physics and Astronomy) </p><p>40 Alumni Center, Triplett9 And erson Hall (Electrical, Chemical </p><p>Engineering)47 Athletic Ticket Office44 Athl etics Office, Intercollegiate; </p><p>UMAA Foundation35 Barnard Hall (ROTC)37 Bar nard Observatory (Center for the </p><p>Study of Southern Culture)96 Barr Hall (Research and Sponsored </p><p>Programs)192 Bas eball Stadium (Swayze Field, </p><p>Oxford/University Stadium)219 Bask etball Practice Facility and </p><p>Offices86 Baxter Hall (Telecommunications)85 Bish op Hall (History, Student Media </p><p>Center) 26 Bon durant Hall (English, Modern </p><p>Languages)121 Bra ndt Memory House (The </p><p>University of Mississippi Foundation)</p><p>10 Brevard Hall (School of Engineering)3 Bry ant Hall (Classics, Philosophy </p><p>and Religion)204 Carriage House8 Car rier Hall (Civil, Mechanical, </p><p>Geological Engineering)55 Cen ter for Intelligence and Security </p><p>Studies221 Center for Manufacturing Excellence51 Central Heating Plant71 Cha ncellors Residence/Carrier </p><p>House83 Chapel, Paris-Yates42 Civil Rights Monument18 Conner Hall (Accountancy/Business) 14 Coulter Hall (Chemistry)59 Counseling Center4 Cro ft Building (Croft Institute for </p><p>International Studies)211 Daily Mississippian Printing Plant125 Depot31 Deupree Hall (Political Science) 7 Engineering Science 97 Falkner Hall38 Farl ey Hall (School of Journalism </p><p>and New Media) 12 Faser Hall (School of Pharmacy) 45 FedEx Academic Support Center 126 Ford Center for the Performing Arts214 Fuel Station16 Fulton Chapel82 Garland Hall99 Geo rge Hall (Communication </p><p>Sciences and Disorders)21 Geo rge Street University House </p><p>(School of Applied Sciences)190 Ger ald Turner Hall (National Food </p><p>Service Management Institute)88 Ger ard Hall (University </p><p>Communications)191 Gillom Sports Center19 Gra duate House (Graduate School, </p><p>Institutional Research)193 Grove Pavilion74 Guyton Hall (School of Education)218 Guyton Hall Annex33 Har rison, V.B., Health Center </p><p>(Student and Employee Health Services)</p><p>137 Health and Safety212, 213 Health and Safety Warehouses81 Hedleston Hall94 Hill Hall17 Holman Hall (Accountancy/Business)119 Hon ors College (Sally McDonnell </p><p>Barksdale Honors College)102 Housing Service Building 98 Howry Hall</p><p>6 Hume Hall (Mathematics)206 Indoor Practice Facility134 Inn at Ole Miss36 Isom Hall (Theatre Arts)205 Johnny Williams Generation Plant27 Joh nson Commons, Paul B., East </p><p>(Human Resources, Special Events, Sarah Isom Center for Women)</p><p>84 Joh nson Commons, Paul B., West (Cafeteria, Food Service Office, ID Center)</p><p>24 Ken non Observatory (Physics and Astronomy)</p><p>220 Khayat Law Center (School of Law)89 Kin ard Hall (Nursery School, </p><p>University Police, Media and Documentary Projects, Mississippi Judicial College)</p><p>30 LaB auve Hall (Lott Leadership Institute)</p><p>138 Landscaping Services Building140 Landscaping Services Storage39 Lamar Hall95 Lea vell Hall (Sociology and </p><p>Anthropology)115 Len oir Hall (Nutrition and Hospitality </p><p>Management)87 Les ter Hall (Geology, Mississippi </p><p>Mineral Resources Institute)22 Lew is Hall (Physics and </p><p>Astronomy) 43 Library Annex20 Library, John Davis Williams93 Lon gstreet Hall (African American </p><p>Studies, Social Work)1 Lyceum (Administrative Offices)25 Martindale (Student Services Center)80 Mayes Hall32 Meek Hall (Art)121 Memory House, Brandt136 Mer kel Building (Baseball Hitting </p><p>Facility)120 Music Building (Music)201, 202 Nati onal Center for Computational </p><p>Hydroscience and Engineering Annexes 1 and 2 </p><p>188 Nati onal Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA)</p><p>100 New Residence Hall (Under construction)</p><p>200 North Hall (Accountancy/Business)124 Nutt Auditorium29 Odo m Hall (Legal Studies, Public </p><p>Policy Leadership)50 Old Power Plant555 Ove rby Center for Southern </p><p>Journalism and Politics192 Oxford/University Stadium79 Palmer/Saloum Tennis Facility83 Paris-Yates Chapel, Bell Tower193 Pavilion, Grove2 Peabody Building (Psychology)215 Physical Plant139 Physical Plant Maintenance208 Physical Plant Shops and Stores78 Pow ers Hall (Information </p><p>Technology)196 Procurement Services Building52 Rebel Shop199 Rowan Oak75 Sam Hall (University </p><p>Communications)11 Shoemaker Hall (Biology)203 Small Business Development Center187 Soccer Field189 Softball Field34 Somerville Hall48 Starnes, Michael S., Athletics Center209 Storage, University15 Stud ent Union (Food Court, </p><p>Bookstore, Post Office)77 Supercomputer Center</p><p>192 Swa yze Field Oxford/University Stadium</p><p>58 C. M. Tad Smith Coliseum13 Tha d Cochran Research Center </p><p>(National Center for Natural Products Research, School of Pharmacy)</p><p>57 Track Facility197 Track Offices135 Trehern Building (Baseball Offices)54 Tur ner Center (Campus Recreation; </p><p>Health, Exercise Science and Recreation Management)</p><p>15 Uni on, Student (Food Court, Bookstore, Post Office)</p><p>123 University Museum92 Var daman Hall (Winter Institute for </p><p>Racial Reconciliation, Luckyday Support Program)</p><p>53 Vaught-Hemingway Stadium5 Ven tress Hall (College of Liberal </p><p>Arts)210 Waller Laboratory122 Walton-Young House28 We ir Memorial (Computer and </p><p>Information Science, Academic Computing Center, IT Helpdesk) </p><p>207 Wh ite, John W., Building (Physical Plant, Facilities Planning)</p><p>20 Williams Library, John Davis41 Yer by, E.F., Conference Center </p><p>(Outreach and Continuing Education)</p><p>residence Halls 112 Brown 110 Crosby 109 Deaton90 Guess-North 91 Guess-East 111 Hefley 101 Kincannon103 Martin100 New Residence Hall108 Stewart103 Stockard216 Residential College217 Luckyday Residential College Married student Housing164-169 Sororities 113 Phi Mu 114 Delta Gamma 118 Kappa Delta 117 Delta Delta Delta 116 Kappa Kappa Gamma 107 Alpha Omicron Pi 106 Kappa Alpha Theta 105 Pi Beta Phi 104 Chi OmegaFraternities60 Sigma Alpha Epsilon61 Chi Psi 65 Delta Kappa Epsilon194 Delta Psi67 Sigma Phi Epsilon 63 Phi Kappa Psi68 Phi Beta Sigma 69 Phi Delta Theta 62 Alpha Tau Omega 198 Beta Theta Pi195 Sigma Chi 64 Pi Kappa Alpha 66 Sigma Nu70 Kappa Sigma 72 Phi Kappa Tau 76 Kappa Alphastudent apartments 127-133 Northgate Apartments</p><p>Building no. Building name Building no. Building name Building no. Building nameCampus Map Legend</p></li></ul>


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