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The University of Maine Graduate Student Orientation. GSG Grants Workshop August 28, 2014. GSG Grants. GSG grants fund graduate students’ research and professional development Graduate students in all disciplines may apply Eligibility Requirements: Graduate Student Activity Fee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


GSG Grants Workshop

The University of Maine Graduate Student OrientationGSG Grants Workshop

August 28, 2014

GSG Grants Workshop2GSG grants fund graduate students research and professional developmentGraduate students in all disciplines may applyEligibility Requirements:Graduate Student Activity Fee Departments GSG Senator: 75% attendance at GSG Senate Meetings

GSG GrantsThe GSG grants are set up to serve graduate students. We want to support the professional development of students and to support students research.

Its very important to make sure that your department is represented in the GSG. Your rep needs to attend at least 75% of the bi-monthly senate meetings. I highly recommend that you come to our first senate meeting on September 10th. Everyone is welcome and if you think that you want some leadership experience, you can help represent your department (and ensure that youre eligible to apply for grants)2GSG Grants Workshop3GSG funds up to $850 per cycle Fall Application CycleDeadline is October 3rd at 4pmSpring Application CycleIncludes summer sessionDeadline typically in FebruaryReimbursement of expenses incurred during previous application cycle

Grant CyclesThere are two application cycle for our grants.3GSG Grants Workshop4Travel to PresentExpenses to travel to and present at a conference or professional meetingOnly one individual funded per presentationDegree RelatedProfessional development or networking opportunityResearch supplies (including undergraduates)Travel expenses to a conference if not presentingFunding CategoriesGSG Grants Workshop5The application includes:Abstract: 2 typed pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 marginsItemized BudgetBudget ExplanationSubmit a single pdf that includes your abstract, budget, and budget explanation

Application Process GSG Grants Workshop6FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!Deductions are strictly appliedLate submissions are not acceptedEssay-based rather than merit-based formatClarity, sentence structure, and spelling Follow the examples on the GSGs website Application ProcessGSG Grants Workshop7Application Process

Copy of itemized budget example available on GSG Grants website: GSG Grants Workshop8Seek assistance from:Your advisor or graduate coordinatorOther graduate students in your departmentThe Writing Center at 402 Neville HallWebsite: (207) 581-3828Paige Mitchell works with international studentsGSG Grants OfficerApplication Process 9Applications are anonymously reviewedInterdisciplinary panel of graduate students Write to an educated general audienceUnfamiliar with the merits of your work Eliminate jargon and technical or colloquial languagePersonal and University benefits Grants awarded at 100%, 75%, and 50% of the amounts requestedConsider alternative sources of fundingApplication Review GSG Grants Workshop10Awardees must submit all original receipts with a typed, dated, and signed report by deadline specified in the applicationProof of presentation required for travel-to-present categoryConference itinerary or web listingSubmit proof of presentation and original receipts as soon as possible after the conferenceFunding ObligationsGSG Grants Workshop11Funds can only be used for specific items approved in the application budgetMisused or unused GSG funds must be returned to the grants officer with:Letter of explanationCheck payable to: Graduate Student GovernmentFunding Obligations GSG Grants Workshop12GSG will award up to $600 per year to clubs and organizations that promote graduate students professional development.Guest speakers in relevant fieldNetworking opportunitiesGSG does not fund social events.Beer and pizza partiesBowling night

Clubs & OrganizationsGSG Grants Workshop13Clubs seeking recognition submit an application to the GSG Senate for approval.Briefly describe the purpose of the club and its role in the academic communityClubs must apply for funding each yearClubs that receive funding must submit an annual report that includes:Names of Executive Committee and GSG senatorOutline of the activities conductedList of expenses with original receiptsClubs & Organizations GSG Grants Workshop14If alcohol is in the budget, clubs must submit a typed statement detailing the steps taken to ensure responsible and safe behavior.

Funds are not dispersed until the departments GSG senator confirms that the club meets the GSG mission to facilitate and encourage educational, professional, and research activities of graduate students.

Clubs & OrganizationsGSG Grants Workshop15Chemical Engineering Graduate StudentsChinese Students & Scholars AssociationClinical Psychology Diversity CommitteeEarth Science Graduate Student OrganizationEnglish Graduate Students AssociationFood Science ClubGraduate Business AssociationHistory Graduate Student AssociationLe Club FrancaisSchool of Marine Sciences ClubWildlife Ecology Graduate Student GroupPartial List of Graduate ClubsGSG Grants Workshop16Graduate Student GovernmentAttn: Grants OfficerUniversity of Maine5755 Stodder HallOrono, Maine, 04469-5755

Email: umaine.gsg.grants@gmail.comWebsite: Information