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The United Monarchy. King David King Solomon Rehboam, Jeraboam and the Split. War with Ish Boshes David Captures the city of Jerusalem from the Jebusites War with the Philistines Wars of Conquest Aron Brought to Jerusalem War with Ammon Bathsheba Amnon and Tamar Abshalom’s Rebellion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The United MonarchyKing DavidKing SolomonRehboam, Jeraboam and the Split1King daviddates of davids reign

War with Ish BoshesDavid Captures the city of Jerusalem from the JebusitesWar with the PhilistinesWars of ConquestAron Brought to Jerusalem War with AmmonBathshebaAmnon and TamarAbshaloms RebellionSheba ben Bichris RebellionThe Evolution of the Monarchy

2War with Ish BoshesAfter Sauls DeathDavid mourns Saul and his sons in ZiklagDavid asks Hashem what to do and is told to go to Hebron and was anointed King of IsraelRuled over the territory of JudahAbner-ben-Ner Saul's general backs Ish Boshes Sauls son to be king and he ruled over AssurJezreelEphraim Benjamin

3War with Ish BoshesThe Civil WarMap of Machanayim- Ish Boshes StrongholdAbner and Ish Boshes war against David and his forcesAbner who control the army argues with Ish Boshes and decides to defect to DavidYoav deviously kills Avner against Davids orderDavid mourns Avner publiclyIsh Boshes is killed by traitors trying to get close to David David kills them when they present him with Ish Boshes head

4The Nation Acclaims David KingFour Room House in HebronChadwick, Jeffrey R. Discovering Hebron.Biblical Archaeology Review, Sep/Oct 2005, 24-33, 70-71. (accessed 10/21/2010)After Ish Boshes Death

The civil war lasted for two years Five years later the tribes of Israel come to Hebron to anoint David KingA treaty is signed to forgive backers of Ish BoshesThe Sanhedrin agrees and crowns David as King5David Captures the city of Jerusalem from the JebusitesThe State of the Country The Largest Canaanite building in Israel was found in Jerusalem it is called the stepped stone structure it is probably Metzudas Tzion Mazar, Eilat. Did I Find King Davids Palace?.Biblical Archaeology Review, Jan/Feb 2006, 16-27, 70. (accessed 10/21/2010)The country still has pockets of Canaanite settlementDavid and his forces start a campaign to remove all Canaanite cities and is partially successfulDavid fortifies the defenses against the Philistines The City of Jerusalem was not conquered

6David Captures the city of Jerusalem from the JebusitesJerusalemSteiner, Margreet. Davids Jerusalem: Fiction or Reality?: Its Not There: Archaeology Proves a Negative.Biblical Archaeology Review, Jul/Aug 1998, 26-30, 32-33, 62-63. (accessed 10/21/2010Was heavily defended by an enormous fortressMetzudas Tzion- Davids general Yoav infiltrated the fortress through the water supplyAfter the capture David makes Jerusalem his capital and center of the

7War with the PhilistinesLarge Stone Structure in JerusalemPossibly Davids PalaceMazar, Eilat. Did I Find King Davids Palace?.Biblical Archaeology Review, Jan/Feb 2006, 16-27, 70. (accessed 10/21/2010)Prelude to War

David built the Milo it is not clear what it is but it plays an important in the politics of Solomon's reignAs well Hezekiah's timePossibly an open spaceOr opening is his palace wallHiram King of Tyre built a palace for David As David is more firmly in control The Philistines probably become afraid of a United IsraelDavid defeated the Philistines in Emek Refaim He forced them to retreat to Gezer and the remained defeated during his reign 8Wars of ConquestWars of ConquestAfter defeating Philistines David turns to expansionDavid defeated MoabHadadezer king of ZobahAram of DamascusEdomAmalek (mentioned in the Gemorah)

9Aron Brought to JerusalemJerusalem Religious as the CenterJerusalem in Davids EraMazar, Eilat. Did I Find King Davids Palace?.Biblical Archaeology Review, Jan/Feb 2006, 16-27, 70. (accessed 10/21/2010)The Aron was brought to Jerusalem First attempt stopped by the death of UzzahAmid proper prayer, and fanfare the Aron is brought to Jerusalem David wishes to build the Beis Hamikdsah but is not permitted The Beis Hamikdash could only be built after all of Israels enemies were defeated and David had not yet brought about complete peace

10BathshebaCitadel of AmmanThe City of Rabbah Harrison, Timothy P. The Amman Citadel: An Archaeological Biography: Rabbath of the Ammonites.Archaeology Odyssey, Mar/Apr 2002, 10-19. (accessed 10/21/2010War with Ammon

David sends a diplomatic mission to Hanun the son of NachashThe Ammonite advisors probably seeing that Davids kingdom was growing large and dangerous rejected the diplomatic mission The Ammonites then hired Arameans to help attack IsraelDavid defeats the Arameans and drove them offThe next year he begins a campaign against Ammon and besieges Rabbah but David stays in JerusalemAfter the incident with Bathsheba Davids army took the city11BathshebaDavid in JerusalemHashem Punishes David David stayed back instead of leading his troops He is tempted by seeing Bathsheba washing She was divorced but it was still not right to take her Uriah her former husband disobeyed Davids orders and so was deserving the death penaltyDavid orders him to be placed at the front of the line to be killed

The first son he fathered by Bathsheba diedHis son Amnon rapes his daughter TamarAbshalom kills Amnon and then rebelsAdonijah claims to be King in Davids old age12Abshaloms RebellionAmnon and TamarTamar was the daughter of Maacha and DavidMaacha was an and was not Jewish at the time that David fathered TamarSince Tamar was not born Jewish she is not Halachicly related to Amnon Amnon; Tamars half brother is infatuated with her and rapes herAfter raping her he is disgusted by her and sends her away in disgrace

Abshalom takes in Tamar after she is raped Abshalom arranges for Amnon to be killedAfter the murder Abshalom flees to Geshur After David recovers from the news of the murder he is prevailed upon by Yoav to bring Abshalom back to JerusalemDavid kept Abshalom under house arrest in Jerusalem and would not see him13Abshaloms RebellionAbshaloms Conspiracy In the words of "Samuel I 15(2) And Abshalom would rise up, and stand besides the path to the gate; and it was when any man that would have a suit due to come to the king for judgment the Abshalom called to him and said:from what city are you? and he said of one of the tribes of Israel is your servant(3) And Abshalom said your claim is correct and good but none of the kings judges will hear you.(4) And Abshalom said who will appoint me judge in the land and every man who has a dispute of a suit will come to me than I will do justice for himAnd it would be, when a man cam near to prostrate himself before him that he put forth his hand and took hold of him and kissed him.(6) And Abshalom did the same to all the Israelites that came to the king for judgment. And Abshalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel. )) :() : () : () : () :14Abshaloms RebellionThe Conspiracy in BriefKing AbshalomAbshalom breeds dissent by courting people who have complaints either about the government of with another Jew and claims that he will be on his sideAbshalom also makes the claim that David favors his family and the tribe of Judah over the other tribes Abshalom also includes some of Davids close advisors in his conspiracyHe also begins his rebellion in Hebron a Judah stronghold to keep the allegiance of the people of JudahDavid is forced to flee from Jerusalem with most of his advisors and his generalHe takes with him the AronAbshalom takes Jerusalem and marries Davids concubines who were left in JerusalemAbshalom and his advisors start to rule the land as kingThey need to eliminate David and his forces who are hiding in MachanayimHushai a friend of David infiltrated the conspiracy and became a close advisor to Abshalom Hushai advised waiting to attack David and his forces

15Abshaloms RebellionForest of EphraimThe Death of Absalom byGustave DoreThen before the attack he sends word to David about the planThe battle took place in the forest of Ephraim and David defeated Abshaloms forces20,000 men were killedAbshalom is caught fleeing from the Battle by his hair in a treeYoav kills Abshalom against Davids orders After the battle David finds out the news that his son is dead and begins to mournDavid is forced by Yoav to go out and celebrate the victory with his men

16Sheba ben Bichris RebellionAbshaloms Defeat Leads to Dissention Between Israel and JudahShmuel II 19(41) And the king went over to Gilgal and Chimhan went over with him; and all the people of Judah brought the king over, and also half the people of Israel. (42) And, Behold all the men of Israel came to the kin and they said to the king, Why did our brothers the men of Judah steal you away; by having brought the king and his household over the Jordan, and all of Davids men with him? (43) And all the men of Judah answered the men of Israel, Because the king is near to me; why are you angered over this matter? (44) And the men of Israel answered the man of Judah and he said I have ten parts in the king and am therefore closer to David than to you. Why then did you slight me? Now was not my word the very first to return my king? and the words to the men of Judah were harsher than the words of the men of Israel

() : () : () : () :

17Sheba ben Bichris RebellionNo Portion of David Sheva ben Bichri of Benjamin blew a shofar and dec