the ultimate checklist before uploading your video to youtube

Download The Ultimate Checklist Before Uploading Your Video to Youtube

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While content and creativity is the most important part of a Youtube video, there are some things the pros do to make sure their youtube video is discoverable as well. After all, whats in an awesome video that people don’t view! Here's a must see checklist before you upload the video to youtube which is sure to increase your views and likes. Do leave your thoughts in the comments with a link to the Youtube video you created with the tips given here. Would love to spread the word!


  • The Ultimate Checklist before Uploading to Youtube
  • #1 Rule of the thumb
  • #2 Art of the Title
  • #3 The Devil is in the Metadata
  • The youtube description is fodder for all the search engines to pick up on videos to show Tags are important as well.
  • #4 Review. Coz here e dragons


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