The TSI test, GPA and tools for the journey Being a Successful Collegiate Academy Student Leslie Walden Collegiate Academy Counselor.

Download The TSI test, GPA and tools for the journey Being a Successful Collegiate Academy Student Leslie Walden Collegiate Academy Counselor.

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TSI Information

The TSI test, GPA and tools for the journey Being a Successful Collegiate Academy StudentLeslie WaldenCollegiate Academy Counselor

What is success?

2What is the TSI?The TSI Assessment is a statewide tool designed to assess a students skills in Math, Reading, and Writing.The TSI Assessment is designed to assist colleges with determining appropriate course placement.

3Features of the TSIAligned to the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards for Math, Reading, and WritingMultiple ChoiceUntimedComputer AdaptiveUp to 5 hours longScored ImmediatelyUnlimited re-testing

TSI Sample reading questionPlywood, while not the most pleasing wood to look at, has become an incredibly important building material in house construction. It is flexible, inexpensive, and strong. Its strength is due to layers of thin wood glued on top of each other with the grain of each layer making a right angle with the grain of the layer below it. This way of layering the sheets of wood makes plywood difficult to break.According to the passage, the arrangement of the layers of thin wood explains plywoods A. Strength B. Cost C. Attractiveness D. Flexibility

The correct answer is A

TSI Writing Sample QuestionIn some places, virtually all the topsoil has washed away, leaving the sub-soils to sustain the crops.Rewrite, beginning withIn some places, the sub-soils must sustain the crops The next word will be

A. althoughB. becauseC. untilD. beforeThe Correct Answer is B

TSI Test Progression

TSI Placement ScoresMATH - 350 READING - 351 WRITING- 5 on Essay or 4 on Essay with 363-390 on Multiple Choice

Remember Its Not a Question of Pass or FailThis test assesses your current skill level only, not your ability, your intelligence, or even your likelihood of doing well in college. These scores are your ticket into your college classes for your 10th, 11th and 12th grade years.

TSI Score Range

9GCCA Students TSI ResultsGCCA students did an outstanding job-50% scored in the college ready range on the reading portion of the TSI.

College Ready Reading 44 9th grade GCCA students

Where can I go to get help?TCC Website: See computer based app for FREE! Great tool for TSI practice!

More Practice Test Haney will be facilitating the TSI testing and practice. More information coming soon!

GPA calculations and Class RankCumulative GPAAll high school courses taken in grades 9-12 will be calculated in the cumulative GPA with the exception of:Summer school courses taken between the 8th and 9th grade yearSummer school courses taken for credit recoveryCredit by examination, with or without prior instructionTraditional correspondence courses, with the exception of courses taken through TXVSN

No different than what we are already doing.Only clarification is summer school courses taken between 8th and 9th grade yearRanking GPA:To determine the top 10%, including valedictorian and salutatorian, only grades earned in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), and AP courses not associated with these subjects will be included in calculating the Ranking GPA.Class RankThe district shall not calculate or report class rank except for students in the top 10% as required by law. Class rank for students in the top 10% will be provided on a certification of class rank.The lowest weighted GPA used to determine class rank for each class will be listed on each high school counseling website and will be updated at least once annually. GPA Scale and Course WeightingSpecial Course WeightingDual credit courses will be given Pre-AP weight.Courses for which AP is a prerequisite will be given AP weight.

GPA Reporting OptionsStudents will have three options when requesting GPA for college admissions or other GPA requests.Cumulative GPA all courses taken in grades 9-12, except as excluded in district policy. For general reporting purposes, this is the GPA the district will use. Ranking GPA - Only courses taken in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, LOTE, AP courses not associated with these subjects.Unweighted 4.0 GPA- All courses taken in grades 9-12, except as excluded in district policy with no weight assigned.Contact InformationHigh School Counselor Contact:Leslie Walden, 817-515-6776Leslie.walden@gcisd.netDirector of Counseling Emberly Spillman:Emberly.spillman@gcisd.net817-251-5415

Tools for Success21Regularly attend ALL of their classesForm a strong relationship with their instructors. Plan AheadFollow their syllabus as a road map in your classesStudy for their tests and examsSubmit all assignments on timeDo not procrastinate.Set goalsAre prepared for any obstacle.Students that are successfulIn order to succeed in college and in life, students need to set goals. Goals should have the following characteristics:SpecificMeasurableAchievableReasonableTimely

Encourage goal SettingReach for the Stars!23A syllabus is a contract between them and their professor.Encourage your student to: Note the instructors contact information, contact times and office hours, and actually CONTACT their professor.Note the dates of major assignments.Note the instructor's policies regarding absences, tardiness and participation.Refer back to the syllabus before every class meeting.Double check the syllabus before submitting any major paper or project to make sure you have met the deadline, style, length and other requirements. If any are unclear, speak to the instructor early.

Successful students read and use the syllabus.Study Skills needed to be a Successful GCCA Student

Create a calendar of dates.Make a To do listStart the Sunday MeetingMake sure to schedule relaxation, exercise and recreation time.Allow time to review before class.DO NOT over commit.Avoid ProcrastinationSample Tuesday Schedule8am Jog for daily exercise10am Intro to computers12pm Lunch1pm Principles of Managerial Accounting3pm Break Time3:30pm Watch Simpsons (cartoon)4pm Go to the Library to do homework6pm Dinner6:30pm Play volleyball8pm Allsop Lab for Intro to computers homework Time ManagementMonitor Grades WeeklyTCC WebAdvisor- Your students will create a login in their MAPS class. This is how you check TCC grades. Check weekly with your student.

Skyward Family Access Encourage your student to:

Start preparing for tests on the first day of class.

Set an appointment with the professor and ask the instructor to specify the areas emphasized on the test.

Form study groups with students in your class

Avoid studying in noisy places.

Avoid Procrastinating-study class and personal notes everyday for about 15-20 minutes.

Test Taking StrategiesBreak up their study sessions into manageable 45 minute segments. Arrive at least 5 minutes before the test will start. Read the directions carefullyAnswer the questions in a strategic order.Answer easy questions first to build confidence and score points.Answer difficult questions and those with the most point values.With essay questions, outline your answer and sequence the order of your points.Test Taking Strategies continuedExpect It-Students who expect stress handle it better.

Name It-Helping them identify the cause can help them feel less overwhelmed.

Accept It-A certain amount of stress helps us stay motivated and sometimes things work themselves out.

Tackle It- Stress does not have to define our existence.Stress ManagementBreathe: Take some deep breaths. Deep breathing causes your nervous system to calm down.Power of Positive Thinking: Before you start your day silently repeat a positive self statementAllow yourself time to enjoy life.See article- Help Your Student beat the Stress.

Stress Management

SOAR Study Skills-by Susan Krueger,The Secrets of College Success by Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S.



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