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The Tropical Rainforest Biome By Gavin Vogt Slide 2 Tropical Rainforest Facts Tropical rainforests are located in warm regions. 50-260 inches of rain falls every year. 40% of Earths oxygen comes from tropical rainforests. Rainforests are now less that 6% of Earths surface. 70% of the plants in rainforests are trees. Rosy periwinkle can heal a person of lymphocytic leukemia. Slide 3 Tropical Rainforest Facts of todays medicines come from the rainforest. There are more than 2, 500 types of vines in the tropical rainforest, some as thick as a human. About half of all species of plants and animals live in the rainforest. Bird droppings in the tropical rainforest grow into trees. There have been tropical rainforests since dinosaurs lived. Slide 4 Layers of the Rainforest There are four main layers of the rainforest. The emergent layer has the tallest trees and animals such as monkeys and eagles live here. The most animals live in the canopy layer because it has fruit in abundance. In the understory layer there are few plants and animals such as frogs and jaguars. The forest floor is very dark and almost no plants grow. Slide 5 Layers of the Rainforest The trees in the emergent layer are usually evergreens and can grow to 200 feet high. Trees with smooth, oval leaves live in the canopy layer. Trees in the understory layer have large leaves to reach sunlight but rarely grow to 12 feet. Herbs grow on the forest floor. Slide 6 Tropical Rainforest Pictures Slide 7 Slide 8 Animal Life A new species of elephant, a forest elephant, was discovered in the rainforest. Orangutans are the largest tree dwelling apes in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. Chimpanzee communities have 15-100 chimps. The Bengal tiger prefers to kill young or old animals because they are not as fast. When a King Cobra is born, its venom is as strong as an adults venom. Slide 9 Animal Life Slide 10 Slide 11 Plant Life Bengal bamboo can grow anywhere, even without sunlight. Bougainvillea can be vines, trees, or shrubs with sharp thorns. Coconut trees grow in hot rainforest areas. Strangler figs, or Banyan trees, are very important to hundreds of animals. Banyan trees bear different fruits at different times during the year. Slide 12 Rainforest Vegetation Slide 13 Plant Life Slide 14 Slide 15 Locations of Tropical Rainforests