The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 - Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014. Key Issues ... Gartner, Forecast for Device Shipments by Operating System, Worldwide, ...

Download The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 -   Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014. Key Issues ... Gartner, Forecast for Device Shipments by Operating System, Worldwide, ...

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This presentation, including any supporting materials, is owned by Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates and is for the sole use of the intended Gartner audience or otherauthorized recipients. This presentation may contain information that is confidential, proprietary or otherwise legally protected, and it may not be further copied,distributed or publicly displayed without the express written permission of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. 2012 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.George Ambler@cioleaderThe Top 10 Strategic TechnologyTrends for 2014Key Issues What technology trends will have the biggestpotential for significant enterprise impact over thenext three years? Which technologies or trends will drive significantchange or disruption? Are there changes or tipping points occurring nowor over the next three years that make thetechnology newly strategic or applicable to awider market?1Strategic Technology TrendsMobile Device Diversity & Mgt.Mobile Apps & ApplicationsThe Internet of EverythingHybrid Cloud & IT as Service BrokerCloud/Client ArchitectureThe Era of Personal CloudSoftware Defined AnythingWeb Scale IT.Smart Machines3-D PrintingTop 10 Strategic TechnologyTrends for 2014:Future DisruptionDerivative ImpactConverging ForcesNo Single Vendor Will DominateThere's Space for Three Leaders0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Greater ChinaEmerging APACMature APACNorth AmericaWestern Europe0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Greater ChinaEmerging APACMature APACNorth AmericaWestern EuropeGartner, Forecast for Device Shipments by Operating System, Worldwide, 2Q13HandsetsTabletsFeature phoneOther OSBlackBerryWindowsiOSAndroidMobile Device Diversity Many form factors, screen sizes, interaction styles, platforms, architectures > 100 mobile application development tools, > 60 MDM tools Management and security challenges driven by BYOD & BYOA New working practices, opportunities, organizational structures, skills Tactics are the new strategyPocketable Portable Shared AreasGrab &GoDeskTouch, Voice, ...Keyboard, MouseGestureGlanceableThe Rise of Enterprise Mobile Platforms Enterprise mobile platforms are key strategicsolutions encompassing mobile applications,integration, management, and securityServicesLOB AppsIntegrationCommon AppsManagementApp DevelopmentSecurityEnterprise Mobile Platform Cloud-delivered Social-enabled Multichannel Device-aware Device-agnosticRemoves complexity from mobile decisionsProtects enterprise from mobile device warsDrives reuse and faster mobile adoptionDevice vendors likeApple and Google willnot be the most strategicmobile platform in theworkplaceBroad solution portfolios putthese discrete markets atrisk: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Legacy Mobile Enterprise ApplicationPlatforms (MEAP) Security Containers Enterprise File Sync & Share Cloud Mobile Back-end ServicesEnterprise Mobile PlatformsEmerging leaders with more joining soon.Invest tactically in best-of-breed solutions with Richer UI models Voice, Video & more Apps grow asApplications shrink. Microsoft, Google andApple will battle forleadership Modern UI Connected apps Contextual, multi-device Multichannel applicationintegration and interactions: Store, Sync and Share Development challenges- New design skills- Responsive Design- Native apps vs. HTML5Mobile Apps and ApplicationsMore InputsMore PlacesMore ActionsInternet of Things Hype Cycle, 2013InnovationTriggerPeak ofInflatedExpectationsTrough ofDisillusionment Slope of EnlightenmentPlateau ofProductivitytimeexpectationsPlateau will be reached in:less than 2 years 2 to 5 years 5 to 10 years more than 10 yearsobsoletebefore plateauAs of July 2013Smart DustOperational Intelligence Platforms802.11ahQuantified SelfDecisions and Recommendationsas a ServiceAutonomous VehiclesData ScienceIT/OT IntegrationSilicon Anode BatteriesContext Delivery ArchitectureBig DataHome Energy Management/Consumer Energy ManagementLow-Cost Development BoardsSmart FabricsWireless PowerBluetooth 4.0Enterprise Information ArchitectureFacilities Energy ManagementRaspberry PiSmart AppliancesComplex-Event ProcessingHome-Area NetworkBroadband-Connected TelevisionsOperational Technology SecurityZ-WaveTelematicsMachine-to-Machine Communication ServicesOperational Technology Platform ConvergenceMesh Networks: SensorAdvanced MeteringInfrastructureEnterpriseManufacturingIntelligenceVehicle-to-InfrastructureCommunicationsIPv6ISA-95 Integration StandardsVehicle-to-Vehicle CommunicationsRFID for Logistics and Transportation6LoWPANPublic Telematics and ITS802.15.4/ZigBeeRF MCUConsumer TelematicsWireless HealthcareAsset ManagementCommercial TelematicsDASH7Internet of ThingsSmart City Framework, ChinaSmart TransportationMobile Health Monitoring Manage Monetize Operate ExtendFrom: Hype Cycle for the Internet of Things, 2013, 31 July 2013 (G00252763)Usage ModelsAction Plan for the Internet of Everything1. Imagine digitizing your mostimportant products, servicesand assets2. Walk through each of the fourmodels:- Can I manage it better andimprove productivity?- Can I charge for it?- Can I operate it remotely?- Can I extend new servicesor content to it?3. Do the same with your topthree core processes.4. Look for Interconnectionbetween things, people, placesand informationInternet ofPeopleInternet ofInformationInternet ofPlacesInternet ofThingsHybrid Cloud Combining ServicesDeploymentCompositionStaticCompositionDynamicCompositionEventCompositionComposed each timethe service isprovisioned/usedDesigned so thatservices are alwaysused together in thesame mannerRecomposeddynamically duringruntimeRecomposed basedon a planned or one-time event Complementary capabilities/data. Most common current approach Based on policies, capacityavailability, current pricing. Viable with strict parameters andplanning Based on policy and dynamically-changing capacity or capabilityneeds, pricing Bleeding edge approach but evolving Based on expected capacity orcapability needs (e.g., disasterrecovery) Emerging approachHybrid IT - IT As Advisor, Broker & ProviderITCloud Services BrokerEnterprise App StorePrivateCloudServicesPublicCloudServicesTraditionalServicesPublicCloudServices& MobileAppsHybrid ITThe EnterpriseAdvisor User Facing Facilitate businessdecisions Front end mobile appstores and cloud markets Deliver enterprise mobileapps and cloud services Future of internal portalsand service catalogs Social ElementsBroker Service Facing Emphasize IT role asbroker and integrator CMP and/or CSB modelsProvider IaaS & PaaS Abstraction App, Dev, Mgt & Sec. SWProvider Data Centers Vertically IntegratedCloud/Client Architecture12 The cloud is the controlpoint and system of record Applications span multipleclient devices The Application is in thecloud Apps exposecapabilities on the client. The experience flows towhere you are and whatyou are doing in context Mobile containers drive anew security approach Applications will usemultiple client endpointssimultaneouslyDataLogicUI ModelDataLogicUI ModelThe Human Perspective The Rise of the Personal Cloud Center of each users personaldigital ecosystem Unique collection of services foreach user Assembled and evolved by eachuser Glue connecting the devices andservices they choose to use daily Shift in the balance of power13Vendors and IT organizations mustalign to this next stage ofconsumerizationGoogleGmailiTunes XboxLiveInstagramMicrosoftSkydriveAmazon NetflixTwitterFacebookAppleiCloud RdioCorpSharepointProSync MeSee MeKnow MeBe Me14The Journey to Programmable EverythingSoftware DefinedNetworkingSoftware DefinedStorageSoftware DefinedDataCenterIaaSReal TimeInfrastructureFabric BasedComputingOpen ComputeProjectOpenStackVirtualDataCentersIntegratedSystemsSoftwareDefinedAnything IT: A Result of the CloudProvider SingularityWeb-scale IT is a pattern of global class computingthat delivers the capabilities of large cloud servicesproviders to the enterprise.You Too can run with the big dogsSource: IT Implementation: Need toRethink the Entire IT Value ChainWeb-scale IT"powers" theNexusWhat's In: Open Source, DIY,Resiliency, Services, DevOps,Sharing, Learning, Scale Out,New Age VendorsWhat's Out: Proprietary,Turnkey, Complexity, GUIs,ITIL, Heroes, Rules, Scale Up,Old-School VendorsThe Rise of Smart MachinesNetworkScale(10^11 interconnected nodes)NewHardware(Cores, memory andinterconnects)Algorithms(E.g., Deep learning, NLP,meaning extraction andcontext awareness)ContentExplosion(Big Data, IT/OT, IoT andthe Internet)18Smart Machine Categories Movers- Autonomous vehicles Sages- Linguistically smartInformation-based helpers- personal assistants, smartadvisors Doers- Machine-focused helpers- Robots, Networks ofIndustrial Machines Printing OpportunitiesWhy Enterprises Care Rapid, iterative prototypes andmodels; short-run manufacturing;new product opportunitiesWhy Technology Providers Care 82% CAGR to $5.7b in 2017 A growing new ecosystemInhibitors Overhyped use cases Need to adapt business models Technologies, materials, actualbuild cost Intellectual property rights,copyrights 19Stratasys / Solidscapeexample3D SystemsZprinter exampleCross-section of bioprinted human liver tissue2013 Cool Vendor OrganovoThe Bottom Line The Nexus of forces continues to drive change and create newopportunities Mobile-centric trends and technologies increasingly define theclient environment and the core end-user app and experience. Cloud is becoming a mainstream computing style and deliveryoption with hybrid cloud, cloud brokerage and new delivery,management and security options accelerating adoption. Cloud and Mobile combine to drive new application architecturesand a new user experience called personal cloud Information & Social elements are deeply embedded into all ofthe strategic trends. The Nexus forces create demand for advanced programmableinfrastructure and services that can execute at web-scale andsupport new client/cloud app models and the personal cloud Gartner ResearchBYOD Doesn't Have to Be All or Nothing: Match Smartphone, Tablet andPC Rollouts to Organizational Readiness and Employee DemandLeslie Fiering (G00247169)The Mobile Imperative: Mobile Application Strategies and ArchitecturesDavid Mitchell Smith (G00251010)The Information of Things: Why Big Data Will Drive the Value in theInternet of Things Hung LeHong (G00249066)Decision Point for Selecting a Mobile Application ArchitectureKirk Knoernschild and others (G00234823)Cool Vendors in 3D Printing, 2013 Pete Basiliere, et al (G00250450)The Disruptive Era of Smart Machines Is Upon Us (G00257743)The Internet of EverythingMark Raskino and Hung LeHong (G00234337)Emerging Technology Analysis: OpenFlow and Software-DefinedNetworking for CSPsAkshay K. Sharma (G00233227)For more information, stop by Experience Gartner Research Zone or e-mail us at


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