The theme of the lesson: Tours you will never forget

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The theme of the lesson: Tours you will never forget


<ul><li> 1. 1. to teach the pupils to get themain information while readingthe text; to improve hearing skills.2. to develop speaking , listening , reading ,writing skills .to enrich the pupilsknowledge with new words.3. to bring up pupils interests in travelingand to widen their scope , to helpthem to love the nature.</li></ul> <p> 2. Visual aids: interactive blackboard,tape- recorder, pictures, map,scheme, cards, marks.The form of the lesson: combined.Methods: speaking, question-answer,warm-up, chorus work,group work, game. 3. The procedure of the lesson:I.Organization moment:Good morning, pupils! How are you?PP. We are fine, thank you!.Who is on duty today?Who is absent today?What day is it today?What season is it now?What is the weather like today? 4. Dear pupils the theme of our lesson isTours you will never forget.We are speaking about the work travel agencies,traveling and different countries. At first well divideinto two groups and will give different tasks.For your answers youll get cards with marks ,which you have to keep till the end of the lesson.Youll get blue marks, if your answer is excellent,yellow is good, brown is satisfactory.Lets begin our lesson . 5. II. Warm up. Find the country Italy ityla Chinaanichacifra Africa CanadanadacaAustralia aauisatrl RussiaissuraGreat tearg tirbnai Britain FrancefcanerLets listen to and repeat after meall together. 6. III. Checking the homework:What was our homework for today?- Our homework was: Talkingabout the travelling in Kazakhstan .Make up the dialogue and act out. 7. 1. Introduction with new words:bushland [ buSlaend ]- - luscious [ laSs ] fabulous [ faebjuls ]- variety [ v raiti ] - delight [dilait ] ; unique [ ju:nik ] magnificent [ maegnifisnt ] - Listen to the words and repeat after me.Make some sentences with new words. 8. What do travel agencies arrange?What do these agencies help customers with?What do these agencies organize?Do travel agencies operate in many countries? 9. TravelagenciesMakereservationsfor hotelrooms.Help peopleto arrangetripsPlansightseeingtours.Arrange toursfor individualsand forgroups.Helpcustomerswithpassportsand visas.Work inmostcountriesof theworld. 10. Lets acquaint with tourists company in Aktau Caspian Tour .Tourism becomes one ofimportant, fast- growing and long rangesections of economics in our Republic.Nowadays before Our region we havethe task on development of ecotouristsproducts that can interest tourists.Unique biological diversity and rich naturalresources of our region give opportunityfor organization of ecotourism. 11. Make these questions.1. agency, is, kind of business,what, travel, a;2. does, arrange, who,it, for, tours;3. money, does, where,come, from; 12. Please, write down 3 nouns,3 adjectives, 3 verbs youexpect to see in the main text.Nouns Adjectives Verbs1. 1. 1.2. 2. 2.3. 3. 3. 13. There are some informations aboutthe cities New York, Las Vegas,Hawaii and America. You aretour agent .Choose one of thecities and you must to inviteour guests the tour .You have 2 minutes. 14. More than just a tour!a. Listen to the text attentive.b. Read the text one byone and translate. 15. The 1st team:1. Which Captain explored Australia?4. Australia is .a small countrya. James Cookb. Ned Kellyc. Columbusb. the largest country in the worldc. the sixth largest country in the world5. How 2. What many is Aborigines the capital lived of Australia?in Australia?a. Canberrab. Melbournea. 200 000b.300 000c. c. 500 Sydney0003. Which wild animal symbolizes Australia?a. bearb. kangarooc. sheep 16. The 2nd team:1. What kind of city is Sydney?4. Emu is .a. birdb. plantc. animala. old, bigb. small, jungc. old, small2. 5. How The many official states language are there of Australia in Australia?is .a. a. Australian50b. b. English6c. c.Japan103. What do eat kangaroos?a. meatb. grassc. soil 17. 8. The next game:Who is the quickest?Read these words and put n. (noun),v. ( verb), adj.( adjective ) near each words.The 1st team: The 2nd team:exciting surffabulous delightwin relaxnight- club enjoypreserve operapool showluscious wildlife parktropical theatremagnificent casinorest island 18. Children, your all worked todayvery actively and get good marks .Thank you! Lets look at our results.Count your marks, please! 19. 1. Ex-8 p.80.Read the words againand make some sentences with them.2. Write a short story aboutthe places where can the people to rest.</p>