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  • The Ten Most

    Costly Sales

    Hiring Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

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    Ten Most Costly Sales Hiring Mistakes

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    Just read on.

    The hiring manager for sales in any

    organization is in a unique position and

    a difficult one because there is no

    degree or accreditation for sales stars.

    Compare your position to others in your

    company. If a production manager

    needs an engineer, he looks for

    someone with an engineering degree.

    There are no degrees in sales. The

    controller can weed out people that

    aren’t CPAs. Sales people don’t take

    three-day exams. R&D managers can

    find somebody in a lab. There are no

    labs for sales people.

    Hiring for sales is uncharted

    territory—or so it seems.

    But you don’t have to go it alone.

    Over the course of 20 years of growing

    companies, managing sales teams and

    successfully recruiting top performers for

    other companies, we have developed a

    keen sense of what it takes to build high

    performing sales teams. We are

    fascinated with the characteristics that

    separate sales winners from losers in

    any sector, any industry, any company.



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    But first, a few questions to

    determine your profile--

    Are you managing a team and

    constantly dealing with turnover?

    Do you have hard-to-manage reps?

    Are you getting average-to-poor

    results from a highly-paid staff?

    Feel like you are pushing the bus up

    a hill, alone?

    If so, you are probably making some of

    the basic mistakes that kill sales teams.

    Avoiding these common mistakes is

    what separates the winners from the


    Avoiding these hiring mistakes is the

    vital first step to:

    1) making managing a whole lot


    2) paving the way to success on more

    levels; and

    3) increasing and achieving more

    predictable, and increasing, revenue

    and results.

    This eBook is a roadmap for sales

    hiring success by giving you, the

    hiring manager, a Don’t Do list.

    Building on that fascination, we studied,

    dissected, and quantified those

    characteristics. After seeing many

    companies make simple but deadly

    hiring mistakes that were killing sales

    productivity, profits and ultimately killing

    the company itself, we launched Peak

    Sales Recruiting to help companies get

    it right.

    We partner with our clients and their

    success is our success. Only by

    making you successful can we thrive

    as well.

    Now after years of helping companies

    build their sales through completing

    thousands of sales search projects, we

    are in the unique position to share the

    most common mistakes we see CEOs

    and sales managers making when

    recruiting and building sales teams.

    We gained our knowledge by being part

    of the action because, in the process of

    doing thousands of searches for

    hundreds of companies, we quickly

    learned what the good companies do to

    succeed and the bad companies do to

    fail. Patterns and behavior quickly


    One thing we learned early was

    to not make the most common

    mistakes and we identified

    those mistakes. And formulated

    ways and means to avoid those

    costly mistakes.


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    The current economic turbulence means


    1) there is more competition for sales

    professionals who can produce on a

    consistent basis

    2) these reps are reluctant to take risks

    by leaving developed pipelines, and

    3) these successful reps are reluctant to

    leave dependable, established

    companies to join a new company with

    all its risks and unknowns.

    The old model of hiring says you place

    an ad and pick off the best applicants.

    This is a recipe for spending a lot of time

    going through C resumes and hopefully

    hiring some B players-the needle in the

    haystack approach.

    This is not how the successful

    companies do it today.

    Industry leaders can leverage their high

    profile brand, but this really only applies

    to one or two players in any industry.

    Successful companies know that the

    best sales talent isn’t watching the

    job boards; they are busy selling and

    entertaining regular calls from

    recruiters. And the technology

    makes it easier.

    ‘Don’t’s’ are usually negative but not in

    this case. They are actually the

    necessary steps you take to ensure you

    don’t make a bad mistake—a mistake

    that will most probably result in missed

    sales goals, a potentially messy

    termination, and you having to explain a

    lot of bad news to your boss rather than

    telling him about your sales successes.

    As you read, stop often and think about

    whether you are making any of these

    mistakes in the hiring process.

    Make the small adjustments we

    suggest and watch the results flow

    in, the positive results.

    The Challenge of Recruiting

    Top sales Talent is Evolving

    You are managing a sales team and one

    of the most critical parts, if not the most

    critical, of your job is finding the right

    talent. No amount of training, coaching,

    managing, rewards or incentivizing is

    going to get results from your team if

    you don’t have the right team in the first


    And guess what?

    At the same time as buyers have

    become smarter and selling has

    evolved into both a science and an

    art, the war for talent has gotten



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    Now that everyone has access to social

    business networks such as LinkedIn,

    Plaxo and other research tools, your

    competitors can easily pick through your

    team to see your best reps, then actively

    chase them.

    The smartest companies have a

    structured process for marketing to

    candidates to attract the best in addition

    to sophisticated mechanisms for

    evaluating and selecting talent that

    belongs in their company and will

    become reliable producers.

    You have to make your

    recruiting efforts pay.

    The vital first step in successful

    recruiting is to not make mistakes—

    mistakes mean you are going

    backwards, not forwards.

    Avoid the top ten recruiting mistakes and

    you will soon have a team full of

    productive sales reps who are happy to

    be part of your team.

    Avoid these mistakes and you will

    spend less time recruiting and more

    time selling. You, and your company,

    will be moving forward, not


    These aren’t revolutionary changes, just

    simple, common sense adjustments to

    the way you look at and go about hiring

    and building successful teams.


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    The Inconvenient Truths There are three major obstacles to

    building high performing sales teams:

    1. Reliable producers are rare -

    Numerous studies show that 20% of the

    sales professionals in any industry close

    80% of the sales.

    2. Successful candidates are hard to get

    at - They are too busy selling and being

    successful to listen to you.

    3. Sales people are hard to evaluate

    because they excel at …selling!

    Finally, combine this with the fact that most

    companies don’t know what they are

    looking for in the first place.

    Your Commitment Building high performance teams, requires

    you to commit to some basic philosophies.

    1. Settle for nothing but the best.

    2. Put in place a comprehensive system

    for attracting the best including