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The teacher lunch thief strikes again. Mr McDermotts lunch was stolen at 9:30 am today and only a ransom note was left... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>The teacher lunch thief strikes again....Mr McDermotts lunch was stolen at 9:30 am today and only a ransom note was left...The note read I have your lunch jock (a term used to describe Scottish people). You can have it back but only for 3 cans of delicious Irn Bru The head of Science Mr Marsh has narrowed down the suspects to, believe it or not, 4 teachers!!!!!Suspect 1 - The Magic Millard aka Mr Millard PEN 1</p> <p>Mr Millard was seen leaving the scene of the crime with this beard disguise and some cake. Could it be his pen that wrote the ransom note and could he possibly eat my lunch after that cake. Suspect 2 The trickster Tyrell aka Madam Tyrell PEN 2</p> <p>The trickster who also had opportunity and motive. It is common knowledge that Madam Tyrell had a slight disagreement with Mr McDermott just before the awful crime took place. On the day of the crime, she was seen wearing dark glasses but has never worn them before. Was she trying to disguise herself??? Behind her innocent exterior is she concealing the awful truth of her crime?????Suspect 3 The crazy CanadianPEN 3It is the wide held belief of the whole science department that the only person possible of pulling off such an elaborate crime of this nature is The crazy Canadian. Is this the teacher that committed the crime and left the ransom note? This man does have previous for eating too much at staff meetings and stealing biscuits. Does his reputation proceed him and he is actually a pawn in this whole horribly incident or is he an evil master mind behind the greatest lunch theft in British history? ? ?</p> <p>Suspect 4 The Fazza aka Madam FarrellPEN 4 Madam Farrell protests her innocence but under those sun glasses lie the eyes of a cold hearted monster. Could this be the teacher that deprived Mr McDermott of his lunch??? It is common knowledge that Fazza was seen leaving the crime scene looking nervous, was this the guilt bubbling to the surface as she fled the scene???</p> <p>THE USUAL SUSPECTS: THE LUNCH EATING BANDIT PEN 1PEN 2PEN 3Eye Witness Accounts</p> <p>This is horrible news, I truly hope That Mr McDermott gets his lunch back, If you ask me I think they are all guilty !!!!!</p> <p>Well if you ask me its that big crazy candian guyI have never really trusted him!!!!!Ink Chromatography In our groups of three we must run 4 chromatography experiments to match it to the suspects pen!!!</p>