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  • 1. The Straightforward Uncomplicated Truth For home basedtravel agency business planHome based travel agent business can turn out to be highly profitable despite airlines cuttingdown the commissions on ticket sales. You can add agency cost for ticket sales to makesome profits but the real profit comes from vacation package sales.Home based travel agent business offers number of advantages. You can run your businessfrom the comfort of your home. You can have your own schedule and you are the one whodecides how much effort to put into the work.To get started with your home based travel agent business, you just need to follow thesesimple steps.Depending on the location from where you are operating, you may require to register yourbusiness with appropriate authorities. If your state requires travel agencies to be registered,get this done before taking any further steps. If you fail to register before starting thebusiness, you may have to face legal penalties.Join recognized travel associations. This will help you to get recognized. You will naturallyget more clients when you have certain reputed travel associations.Build a business plan for your home based travel agent business. Although you may belooking to start small, you will still need a business plan to keep everything organized. If youare unsure how to develop a business plan for your travel agency, you can look for helponline. You will easily find plenty of help when it comes to writing a business plan.Knowing about travel is important for starting your home based travel agent business. If youknow nothing about your industry, you wont be able to make much money out of it. You canstart by reading travel blogs. Once you learn about different destinations, you can startexploring travel agency from a business point of view. If you know someone who is alreadyinvolved with a travel agency, set up a meeting to get valuable advice.One of the easiest ways to start your home based travel agent business is to hook up withsome reputed travel agency. You will learn plenty of things when you work there for sometime. Once you have gained some experience, you can prepare a business plan, collectcapital and start your own home based travel agent business.The competition is tough in travel industry. Everyone wants to make money out of it. If youwant to start successfully, make sure that you are focusing on marketing. You should marketexclusively to gain an advantage over your competitors.Focus on customer service to get returning clients. You should always be open for questions
  • 2. and keep friendly attitude towards your clients. Dont miss any opportunity to meet peopleand tell them about your company. This should help your home based travel agent businessmore than anything else can.,